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Jail Dreams

The meaning behind Jail Dreams


To see others in jail, you will be urged to grant privileges to persons
whom you believe to be unworthy

To see negroes in jail, denotes worries and loss through
negligence of underlings.

For a young woman to dream that her lover is in jail, she will be disappointed
in his character, as he will prove a deceiver.

[105] See Gaol. _Jailer_.

To see a jailer, denotes that treachery will embarrass your interests
and evil women will enthrall you.

To see a mob attempting to break open a jail, is a forerunner of evil,
and desperate measures will be used to extort money and bounties from you.

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Dream dictionary entry taken from 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller. Psychologist World provides these definitions as a courtesy and is not responsible for, or for any consequences resulting from the use of, Miller's archaic dream interpretations.

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