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    Memory and Chewing Gum

    How research at two universities found memory recall can be improved by chewing gum.


    Memory and Association

    Has someone you know approached you in the street, and, try as you might, you just could not remember this person's name? Put Names and Faces together and don't forget names again with this associative memory technique.


    Flashbulb Memory

    ...emories - Memory - Hypnotic World Psychology Flashbulb Memories (Brown & Kulik, 1977) In this Flashbulb Memories Guide: What are flashbulb memories? Characteristics of flashbulb memories What affects them? Evaluation of Brown &


    Memory and Food

    ... Food - Memory - Hypnotic World Psychology Food & Exercise Can they help improve your memory? Physical exercise has been shown to improve memory and mental function as it promotes a growth factor which plays a critical factor in the


    Memory Test

    Test your short-term memory with this online feature.


    Emotions and Memory

    How do your emotions affect your ability to remember information and recall past memories?


    Schemas and Memory

    How schemas influence what we pay attention to and the memories we recall


    Memory Test Results

    Summary of results from the short-term memory test.


    Using Mnemonics to Improve Your Memory

    ...emonics - Memory - Psychologist World Using Mnemonics to improve your memory First things first - what are Mnemonics? A Mnemonic is something which we can use to remember things much easier. As is often the case, it could be a phrase, a


    Working Memory Model

    A theory on how our memory 'works' to remember things in different ways.

Showing 1-10 of 50 results
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