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    Stimulus-Response Theory

    How the Stimulus-Response Theory explains our behavior in psychology.


    Fight or Flight Response Revision Quiz

    Test your knowledge of the fight-or-flight response with this revision quiz.



    ...he panic response usually associated with mortal danger. By forcing the phobic to confront their fear, therapists reason, they will learn that there is nothing dangerous about it. One psychiatrist puts it this way: If you give a horse an elec


    Behavioral Psychology

    ...r-Flight Response How this acute stress response - integrated through evolution into our biological make-up helps in the survival of pre-historic and today's animals and humans? Learn about the Fight-or-Flight Response Asch's



    ...d patient response to these is highly variable. Preventitives include muscle relaxants, lithium, calcium channel blockers such as Verapimil, ergot compounds, anti-seizure medicines, and atypical anti-psychotics. Magnesium sup


    Cognitive Approach in Psychology

    ... Response Human behaviour There is some dispute as to who created the cognitive approach, but some sources attribute the term to the 1950s and 1960s, with Ulric Neisser's book Cognitive Psychology , which made allusions of the h


    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    ...r typical response (anxiety and fear) suppressed. For instance, a therapist might place a spider near you and help you maintain a sense of calm through talking and becoming slowly and gradually acclimated to the idea of having a spider near you. In t


    The Perfect Smile

    ... to get a response from others. Study after study has shown that we consider smiling faces to be more attractive than frowns or any other expression. A smile says that you are happy and self-confident, pleased with the world and yourself. Smiling


    Watching What They Say: Body Language

    ...anging in response to what she hears - her lips part and eyes widen in surprise, her hand comes up to press against her lips, she 4f2 frowns in silent sympathy. And the more feedback she gives her guests, the more they give her. Active listeni

Showing 1-10 of 36 results
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