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    Stress psychology articles and self-assessment tests.


    What is Stress?

    What happens to make us stressed? Find out what a popular theory on stress explains how it aids our survival, and what a folklore story says about the topic.


    Stress Test

    Take the stress test and measure your stress levels.


    Post traumatic stress disorder

    ...Traumatic Stress Disorder A sufferer's account: "I was raped when I was 25 years old. For a long time, I spoke about the rape as though it was something that happened to someone else. I was very aware that it had happened to


    How to Beat Stress and Succeed in Exams

    If you're one of the many people who gets stressed out when it comes to taking exams then we have a few tips for you that will help you to overcome this and really concentrating on achieving good grades.


    Flooding for Phobias

    ...aumatic stress disorder, and there are preliminary reports that it is extremely effective in helping the victims of rape and sexual assault and abuse work through their traumas. By being forced to relive the original trauma repeatedly in a safe


    Behavioral Psychology

    ...his acute stress response - integrated through evolution into our biological make-up helps in the survival of pre-historic and today's animals and humans? Learn about the Fight-or-Flight Response Asch's Conformity Study H

Showing 1-10 of 27 results
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Are You Angry?

This test will see how you react in stressful situations.

Anger Test

Are You Stressed?

Take the stress test and measure your stress levels.

Memory Like A Goldfish?

Test your short-term memory with this online feature.

To Run Or To Fight?

How the Fight-or-Flight response explains stress.

Shock Therapy

Aversion therapy uses the principle that new behavior can be 'learnt' in order...

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