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    ...e unusual thoughts or experiences. In these cases it is especially important to obtain a correct diagnosis. Many people with these experiences are accidentally diagnosed with conditions such as psychosis or even schizophrenia and given


    Eye Reading (Body Language)

    ... creative thoughts, and this is often interpreted as a potential sign that someone may be being deceitful in some situations, i.e. creating a version of events. Note: if a person is left handed, the direction indicators may be reversed. Summa


    Introduction to Body Language

    ...your own thoughts and feelings to make any attempt at conversation. Miscommunication happens all the time - when the actions and words of the communicator don't match; that's why it's essential that anyone who wants to become an effective commu


    Body Language and How to Read It

    ... they're thoughts - What you can read into the way someone walks - How to give the perfect handshake ... and more. 2 Thousands of satisfied customers Psychologist World's network of


    How to Interpret Your Dreams

    ...conscious thoughts of patient in order to reveal the problems in their lives that they didn't actually realise existed. 2 “Dreams...are not meaningless...they are a completely


    Pride Emotion

    ... negative thoughts about other people indicates pride, the vanity mode of which reflects a sense of superiority, and the hate mode originates destructive comments about them. In the hate mode I seek freedom from social restraints ; I negate the va


    Free Association

    ...alize the thoughts. When you're ready, say something along the lines of: I want you to just let your mind drift and float - drift and float - and just say the first thing that comes into your head. And remember - no thou 6a7 ght is too trivia



    ...ereotyped thoughts We can see this type of personality at work in fanatics of any kind. At least one author has drawn a parallel between the Authoritarian personality and terrorist suicide bombers, and more than one social commentator has d


    Influence of Language

    ...ts of our thoughts, and do the words we use affect the impression we have of people, events and objects? There is a great debate within the field of psycholinguistics and psychology as to whether different languages have an effect on thinking.

Showing 1-10 of 21 results
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