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Freudian Fixation Test Result

Receive this Psychologist World report and discover your Freudian personality type.

What your Personal Results Report contains:

Your report uses the answers you gave on the previous page to look at various aspects of your personality and match you with one of four possible personality types. Using psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud's theories on the stages of personality development, the report will give you the following fascinating report on your personality:

How each answer you give connects you to a personality type

Your report contains an explanation of how the answers you offered on the previous page link you to Freud's theories, and understand why this is.

What happens in each stage of your personality development

Explore Freud's development theories on personality development for yourself with our intriguing guide.

Your Freudian Fixation Scores for each personality type

You'll receive four scores to see how your personality and behavior matches Freud's theories on human personalities. Discover if you carry the character traits of people who Freud would classify as being affected by a particular stage of development, e.g. anal or oral, retentive or expulsive.

What happens in each stage of your personality development

Explore Freud's development theories on personality development for yourself with our intriguing guide.


How to Interpret Your Dreams

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