Master Body Language

Learn to interpret body language signals and better understand people's emotions.

Interpret Your Dreams

Learn to interpret the hidden meanings behind the themes of your dreams and nightmares.

Psychology of Color

How can the colors around us affect our mood?

31 Defense Mechanisms

A look at common defense mechanisms we employ to protect the ego.

Dark Sense of Humor Linked to Intelligence

A new study claims that appreciation of black humor is a sign of intelligence

Why Do We Dream?

Is there a purpose behind our dreams and nightmares?

Making Conversation

Struggle to keep conversations alive? Try the easy-to-remember FORM technique

Nap for Performance?

Polyphasic sleep patterns, daytime naps and their impact on performance.

Persuasion with Ingratiation

How ingratiation techniques are used to persuade people.


Does brainwashing really exist and how has it been used?

Extraversion and Introversion

A look at extraversion as a personality trait. What determines whether a person is extraverted or introverted?

Extreme Phobias

How an extreme fear lead two brothers to be trapped in their own house.

Shock Therapy

How aversion therapy has 'cured' people of addictions from gambling to smoking.

Low-Ball Technique

How the low-ball technique is used to persuade customers to buy products.

I Hear Red. I Taste 5.

How synesthesia leads people to 'taste' colors and see 'colorful' numbers.

Unhappy Music Creates 'Pleasant' Emotions - Study

Listening to sad music can create 'pleasant' emotions, according to a recent study.

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