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Memory Psychology

Memory Psychology

Theories of memory, how we remember, forgetting and techniques to help to improve your memory:

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Memory Test

Test your short-term memory with this online feature.


What is conditioning? What Pavlov's dogs experiment teaches us about how we learn.


Why do we forget information? Find out in this fascinating article exploring the purpose of forgetting.

Cognitive Load Theory

How the cognitive load of a learning task affects a person's ability to memorize it.

Schemas and Memory

How schemas influence what we pay attention to and the memories we recall.

False Memories

How false memories are created and can affect our ability to recall events.

10 Influential Memory Theories and Studies in Psychology

Discover the experiments and theories that shaped our understanding of how we develop and recall memories.

Flashbulb Memory

Flashbulb memories explained. Includes characteristics of flashbulb memories, factors that affect them and an evaluation of Brown and Kulik's research into flashbulb memories.

Memory and Chewing Gum

How research at two universities found memory recall can be improved by chewing gum.

Eye Contact in Line-Up Study Leads to Misidentification

People's ability to identify a face may be influenced by subjects' eye gaze direction, according to a new study.

Memory Test Results

Summary of results from the short-term memory test.

Memory and Association

Has someone you know approached you in the street, and, try as you might, you just could not remember this person's name? Put names and faces together and don't forget names again with this associative memory technique.

Craik & Tulving (1975) Levels of Processing

Craik & Tulving wanted to test whether the level of processing affected how well we remember information. Read an explanation and evaluation of this research.

What Factors Affect Classical Conditioning?

A look at the factors that can affect classical conditioning.

Memory and Food

How food and exercise can affect your ability to remember and recall memories.

Hypnosis and Memory

How hypnosis can help improve our memory.

Luria Method

Use this storytelling method for remembering lists of information using an imaginary journey.

Miller's Magic Number

Miller (1956): How many pieces of information can you remember? Miller's Magic Number, most likely.

Using Mnemonics to Improve Your Memory

Remember better using the sounds of words.

Pegword Mnemonic Memory Method

Using the pegword mnemonic method to remember phone numbers and other numeric sequences.

Working Memory Model

A theory on how our memory 'works' to remember things in different ways.

The Zeigarnik Effect Explained

Explanation of the Zeigarnik effect, whereby interruption of a task can lead to it being remembered in more detail.

Drawing Information May Increase Your Ability to Memorize It

Research suggests that drawing information can lead to it being memorized more effectively than writing it.

Depth of Processing

How does the depth of processing affect how well we remember information?

Craik & Lockhart (1972) Levels of Processing Theory

Traditional theories of memory segmented human memory into different stores.

Multi-Store Memory Model

How does our memory function? Find out the stages of remembering.

Retentive Method for Memory Improvement

How to create a story to remember things using the retentive method.

How Quickly do our Short-Term Memories Decay?

Study by Peterson & Peterson (1959) of how quickly we forget memories.