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Luria Method

Luria Method

Try to remember the following list of words but use the following method. Choose a path or a route that you know very well - from your house to the nearest shop or from a car park or station to your work - preferably a path that you travel along every day.

Take a mental walk along that route and make sure you have the image relatively clear in your mind. Take the following list of objects and mentally lay each one at a particular point on the route, for example, at a post box or telephone kiosk or a corner or someone's house.

You can keep looking back at the list of words whilst you are placing the objects, you don't have to memorize them verbally first and then lay them out over the route.

  • Words
  • Glove
  • Hammer
  • Ring
  • Knife
  • Hat
  • Fish
  • Mirror
  • Plate
  • Book

Now travel your imaginary journey and drop each object off at a particular place, visualizing each drop off point.

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