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Body Language

Body Language

What is body language? How can you read it and refine your own body language?

Human communication is 20% verbal and 80% non-verbal so if you are saying something to a person but your body language says the opposite then you're not getting your message across. This section contains a range of resources to help you master body language, understand what signals mean and to improve the signals you want to give out to convey ideas:

Body Language Course

Body Language Course

Master the art of reading body language with this exclusive online course.

Eye Reading (Body Language)

What someone's eyes can tell you about what they are thinking.


What the handshakes of leaders can teach us, and perfecting your handshake.

Historical Pseudo-science: Face reading

Historical pseudo-science of face reading explained.

Face Reading: Chin

Chin reading as explained by historical pseudo-science.

Reading Eyes - Historical Pseudo-science

Face reading: eyes, as explained by historical pseudo-science.

Reading Foreheads - Historical Pseudo-Science

Forehead reading, as explained by historical pseudo-science.

How You Talk Without Speaking

How our body language tells a person as much about us as what we say.

Reading Mouthes - Historical Pseudo-science

Mouth reading, as explained by historical pseudo-science.

Face Reading: Nose

Nose reading, as explained by historical pseudo-science.

Face Shapes - Historical Pseudo-science

Face shape interpretation, as explained by historical pseudo-science.

How to Say, 'I'm Interested'

Using body language to let people know you're interested in what they're saying.

Flirting and Body Language

The body language of flirting.

Lying: Body Language Course

What body language signals can suggest that a person is not telling the truth?

Introduction to Body Language

Why body language matters in the real world.

Non-Verbal Communication

What our non-verbal signals tell people about us.

Is He/She Interested in You?

Learn to read body language signals and better understand people's interest.

Body Language and How to Read It

Master the science of body language reading with this exclusive online course.

Self Image Body Language

Introduction to our Self Image.

Aspects of our Self Image

The two aspects of self image explored, including an exercise in self image.

Self Image Formation

How is our image of ourselves created?

Telling the Truth from Body Language

How to tell if someone is telling the truth from body language 'tells'.

Basics of Body Language

Learn the essentials of body language reading.

Body Language of Flirting

A further look at the body language of flirting.

Walking With Style

Improving your walk for more confident body language.

Effective Communication

Achieving effective communication through rapport, personal space and view management.

Watching What They Say: Body Language

How to read someone using body language.

Body Language of Animals

What can we learn about body language from animals?

Before We Learn To Speak

How body language is an innate form of communication.

The Perfect Smile

How the perfect smile can improve your communication.

The Perfect Handshake

A handshake contributes to people's first impression of you. Find out how to get it right.

Body Language: Posture and Position

How posture and positioning contribute towards better body language.

Understanding Kinesis

The importance of kinesis in body language.

Keeping People Interested: Body Language

Using body language to keep people engaged in what you have to say.

Introduction to Body Language

What body language is and why understanding it is an important tool in communicating better.

Body Language: Reading the Hidden Message

Understand what someone is thinking or how they are feeling using body language.

Body Language: Further Reading

Useful resources for further research into body language.

How to Make A Good First Impression

By paying attention to your body language, make your people's first impression of you a positive one.

Controlling What Your Body Says

Discover what your body language says about you to other people, and how to control it.

How to be a Better Communicator

How to communicate better using body language and by reading it.

Body Language: Appearance

What your posture and position body language say about you.