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Cognitive and biological approaches to psychology have often been used in understanding how we experience emotions, and how they affect our behavior. In this area, we've put together articles that help to convey some of these theories.

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The Psychology of Color

Exploring cultural associations between colors and emotions.

Study: Unhappy Music Creates 'Pleasant' Emotions

Listening to sad music can create 'pleasant' emotions, according to a recent study.

Psychology of Happiness

The psychology behind happiness - how positive affect is quantified and what influences happiness.

The Name-Letter Effect: Why People Prefer Partners with Similar Names

Exploration of the name-letter effect - people's attraction to potential partners with similar names to them.

Emotions and Memory

How do your emotions affect your ability to remember information and recall past memories?

Emotional Attraction

What causes emotional attraction? Are physical attributes the primary factors that determine attraction or is similarity more important?

What Factors Influence Attraction?

Factors affecting attraction, and the Halo Effect.

Emotion Guide

Why do people and animals experience emotions, and what makes us experience different types of emotions. Ian Heath looks at emotional states, the link between the sub-conscious and our feelings.

Emotion: Feelings

How do we define emotions?

Model of Emotions

More information on emotions.

Emotion: Unconscious Ideas

The unconscious and emotions.

Unconscious Ideas and Emotions

The link between the unconscious and emotion.

Love and Emotion: How Love Happens

A look at the types of love in relationships between partners, parents and family members, and how gender can affect the like or love we feel for best friends and partners.

How Love Happens: The Three Components of Relationships

Find out what makes a successful relationship.

Anxiety Emotion

A look at the experience of anxiety and its origins.

Envy Emotion

What is the experience of envy and how does it differ from jealousy?

Guilt Emotion

An exploration of the emotion of guilt and its relationship to self pity.

Hate Emotion

What is emotional hatred, why do people experience it and where does it come from?

Jealousy Emotion

What happens when we feel jealous of someone else? A look at jealousy as an emotion in various situations.

Love Emotion

An exploration of the emotion of love from a psychological perspective.

Narcissism Emotion

A look at narcissism, a preoccupation with oneself: what happens when we experience it?

Pride Emotion

Why do we experience pride and what happens when we do?

Self Pity Emotion

The emotion of self pity explored.

Vanity Emotion

What are the different types of vanity?

Do Animals Experience Emotions?

A look at how animals experience emotions and the differences between human and non-human emotions.

Do Emoticons Help Us To Better Communicate Emotions?

How emoticons influence emotional communication via instant messaging and emails.

Brain Distinguishes 'Faked' Laughter From Authentic - Study

False laughter activates different brain regions to natural emotional response, according to fMRI study.

World Happiness Levels Mapped By Country In New Study

Countries with the happiest residents revealed in the 2017 World Happiness Report.

Exercise Helps Overcome Grudges and Encourages Forgiveness - Study

Aerobic exercise increases the ability to overcome grudges and to forgive others, the findings of a recent study suggest.


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