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Vanity Emotion

What are the different types of vanity?

Vanity Emotion

In the eyes of vanity, life is matter-of-fact, neither joyful nor dramatic. Therefore I have to give myself importance, either physically by the way that I dress or socially by my status or romantically by my destiny, or by any other way. I desire fame, or to be a leader. I go my own way in life ; I am not a follower of anyone or any fashion. I prefer new horizons rather than traditional ones. Unfortunately I am sensitive to ridicule.

Types of Emotion

The three kinds of vanity all centre on the concept of importance.

  • Vanity (as a mode of narcissism) implies the quality of life is important.
  • Vanity (as a mode of pride) implies my world is important.
  • Vanity implies self-importance.

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