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Narcissism Emotion

A look at narcissism, a preoccupation with oneself: what happens when we experience it?

Narcissism Emotion

Narcissism (= vanity + love)

Narcissism puts a gleam in my eyes: in love mode the gleam is of joy, whereas in vanity mode it is of excitement.

In the vanity mode of narcissism the quality of life is important, so I dramatise everything ; life is a drama! I attune to heroism and romanticism. I act from philanthropic motives and desire to help other people surmount their suffering ; I help others to help themselves. I do not impose my views on them. However, I am sensitive to ridicule.

Types of Emotion

In the love mode I feel good, good in myself and glad for my life as a whole, even for the bad and sorrowful aspects of it ; I am glad for life itself – life is exhilarating. I become self-absorbed. I dance to my favourite music. I do not pass judgements on anyone. I prefer co-operation rather than competition ; in fact, competitiveness switches off the love mode.

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