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Pride Emotion

Why do we experience pride and what happens when we do?

Pride Emotion

Pride (= hatred of others + vanity)

The presence of negative thoughts about other people indicates pride, the vanity mode of which reflects a sense of superiority, and the hate mode originates destructive comments about them.

Types of Emotion

In the hate mode I seek freedom from social restraints ; I negate the value of social concepts and responsibilities since I value only my own independence. I prefer to be left alone ; if I am not, then I daydream of violence. I belittle the achievements of others. I see my past life as a dreary life, a life of obeying rules and regulations, a life of obeying other people.

In the vanity mode I judge all issues in black and white terms, I have no moderation, no flexibility and no toleration to opposing views. I am dogmatic. My views cannot be wrong.

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