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Walking With Style

Improving your walk for more confident body language.

Walking With Style

When you take a self-defense class, one of the first things that you'll learn is how to walk down the street. The reason? The people around you are always judging you on what your body says about you. If you walk with your head up and move with a confident, purposeful stride, you project self-confidence and awareness of what's around you. Self defense experts know that people who are self-assured and confident are seldom targeted by thieves and muggers.

People never just 'walk'. We stroll, pace, amble, march, stride, and strut. Your walk can hint at the kind of mood you're in and the type of person that you are. A woman who takes measured, deliberate steps that swing her hips from side to side will often be seen as seductive and sexy. If you're trying to impress a new boss with your efficiency and business acumen, then a sexy walk is likely to work to your disadvantage. The same holds true if you stroll casually down the hallway when you're trying to appear businesslike and professional.

Take the time to study the way that you walk and how it comes across. If you shuffle, practice picking up your feet. If you slouch along, be aware that you're giving the impression that you don't care about the things around you. If you want to look capable, confident and approachable, walk the same way that you stand - shoulders back and in line with your hips, head up and looking ahead. Let your legs swing from your hips, and place the heel of your foot down first, then roll to the ball of your foot. That gives your steps a light 'spring' that projects good feelings to those around you.

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