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Memory Test Results

Summary of results from the short-term memory test.

Memory Test Results

Findings from the Memory Test 

The Test: Users are shown a web page of 12 common nouns which they are asked to concentrate on for a few seconds, then on a following page are asked to enter the words that they remember from the list.


The charts below contain information from a sample of recent tests since collation began:

Short-Term Memory by Gender

Does your gender give you a better memory?

Not given

Short-Term Memory by Age Group

How STM scores vary by age group:

%/age group
18 to <25
25 to < 35
35 to < 45
45 to < 55
55 to < 65
Not given

As more users take the test, the more data is available and the more accurate the above test charts will be. You may want to bookmark this page to watch the results progress.

How could participants improve their scores?

We all have different memory capacities naturally. However, this isn't to say we can't improve our memories using different memorization techniques - even if you think that your memory is terrible, employing different methods of memorizing information can dramatically improve its effectiveness. Let's take remembering lists of information, such as in this STM test. The Luria method helps you to remember lists of words in the format of a journey - try it here - and there are more memory techniques for specific types of information (e.g. phone numbers) in the Memory area...

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