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Hand And Finger Gestures

This is probably a rather silly and stupid little question, but something struck me recently. And I\'m not a psychologist or anything, just. I\'ve done a little bit of study on the subject, and I wonder about the rather common \"Holding up one finger, then holding up a fully open hand\" gesture. I\'ve noted that I can use it in a lot of different situations and I\'m actually really curious why, when the ultimate goal is to just say \"hold on a second\" do we have that two step movement to express that. Seems like you could achieve the same effect by doing either one on it\'s own. I haven\'t done any sort of body language study in the past, can someone maybe help explain this kind of thing from an educated point of view?

  19th Oct 12 Posted by:      Elizabeth
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One finger One hand
Hello Elizabeth, no question is silly or stupid, we heard that all through out school, and the teach...


23rd Oct 12

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