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My mom has very high blood sugar.Her nature throughout has been generally quite critical.Throughout I have observed that she would stay stuck in past like, 'you were better than now' and when that time would pass, she would say that I was better then than now. Her constant criticism made me develop quite a many complex and it was very difficult for me to overcome them. However, whenever I am in a tough situation her words always make me doubt myself. Now I was home and again back to her rantings. Now i would like to add that she matters most to me and i cannot ignore her. Because she is diabetic, i have spent a lot of my crucial time seeing doctors with her. Now whenever i ask her to go as per diet chart etc. she begins to shriek and behave madly. She does couple of things to irritate me to great lengths. And whenever my frustration levels exceed, i unfortunately hit her. I guess she wants it ina way because her forever rant is that everybody has treated me badly. But i dont want to be a part of this as ultimately it makes me really sad because i actuallylove her. I have always tried to talk to herbut her favorite line remains that i just want to show off and dont really care and she begins pointing out incidences i might have done when i was like 14. She also used to beat me badly for little reasons till i became physically stronger

  1st Dec 15 Posted by:      Ella
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