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Hi All,
I am wondering if anyone could shed some light on something I found strange the other day. I have a lecturer at university who is in his first year of teaching. We have been meeting once a week as he helps me prepare my dissertation, but when with him I feel a lot of tension, but chalked it up to him being nervous as a first-time teacher or that he finds me stupid or something (though I have scored highly in his class). At our most recent meeting he listed things to me using his fingers as bullet points. He began with his little finger, then completely skipped the finger with his wedding ring on it (he left this finger folded down) and moved on to raise each other finger as he was making his point. I have not given any signs of being interested in him, and I do not think of him this way. I found the gesture so strange and am wondering what on earth it means. Is there a basic explanation?? I'd be grateful if someone could shed some light on this. Thank you in advance.

  14th Apr 16 Posted by:      Elizabeth
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