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I'd like to bring some life into this forum as the topic worth it.
( First of all sorry for my bad English, I'm not the native speaker).

There are a lot of books on our theme, but a huge amount of them are awful junk. They are not precise or filled with "water" inside. The other big part don't have any science basis and are the only author own speculation.

Here are three books which I hardly recommend. I've discovered them during my 6 years of the Body Language learning and educating (now I'm consulting local firms here in Bratislava and general in Slovakia), so there is a guarantee of their practical appliance and science basement.

1. ''Peoplewatching'' by Desmond Morris.
Fundamental work. Must read. The author shows Body Language from its evolutionary side: why do people behave the way they do?

2. "What Every BODY is Saying" by Joe Navarro.
The book of the ex-FBI agent who worked in the area of counterintelligence and behavioral assessment. He knows a lot about the Practical usage of the nonverbal language and sincere share it with us.

3. ''Body Language Guide into Human interactions'' by Serg Kashevko.
The author created the guide of practically all nonverbal gestures, verification rules, and some additional useful Body Language cases.
Very convenient work. I'm using it as a handbook if I quickly need some info about some gesture or if I want to refresh my Body Language knowledge.

You could easily find all those books on amazon.
If you have something to ask or want a few additional books recommendations — feel free to contact me here.

  22nd Apr 16 Posted by:      Aaron Helsinki
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