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Hi All, Just wanted to get some views on the results of an assessment I recently completed with a 17yr old female. I have completed WAIS-IV and WMS. All results are average or above expect the Logical Memory I & II on WMS. Scaled Scores:

VCI = 127
PRI = 100
WMI = 108
PSI = 111
FSIQ = 114

Digit span = 9
Arithmetic = 14
Letter-Number = 10
Verbal Paired Associates I = 13 / II = 12
Designs I = 8 / II = 10
Visual Reproduction I = 10 / II = 12
Spatial Addition = 11
Symbol Span = 9

Not one of her scaled scores on any of the testing was below 8 except logical memory

Logical Memory I = 4 / II = 5

This is slightly puzzling. She has a diagnosis of ADD and is being assessed for ASD. No trauma, English first language, no missed school. Referral was around recent difficulties getting study completed which is apparently just happened in the last 2 months. No previous testing. No academic difficulties. No behavioural concerns.

When I asked her about this she replied that as soon as I started reading the stories in the Logical Memory subtest she tuned out. Where as the Verbal Paired associates she tuned in and found easy. This is quite unusual. Most people I've tested find the stories easier to recall due to the context.

Anyone got any thoughts on why just logical memory would be low. The WAIS and WMS were administered a week apart. She reported having good sleep and not being tired on the day of testing. All other scores were fine. She appeared to really be trying but just was unable to stay focused during the stories. She had taken her ADHD medication the morning of both tests. Just seems strange that this would be the only subtest to be low. She genuinely appeared to be trying.


  4th Sep 16 Posted by:      Sarah
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