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Ok first things first. I am autistic and I am supposed to have a strong and very imagination. With that said, my "worlds" respond to my situations and stress level. If I am calm and at home or a coffee shop, I imagine being with animal friends and a quite bickering conversation will insue.
In contrast, if I am stressed like say, studying or sitting in class I would have a violent argument. This gets unsettling for the poeple around me as I am trying not to scream or jump in my seat. It is worst at home, as I constantly walk away from my work or study area and pace or try to eat an unnecessary snack just to be remain unproductive as possible. At the end of the day, I am disappointed and self-confidence takes a nose dive.

I am in my 30s! So this terrible. It will interfere with any future jobs. If I do finish or even gain ANY progress with whatever I'm doing I feel happy.
But these "enemies" in my head trigger REAL pent up anger.
What is the best way to practice study habits with a strong autistic brain?

  4th Jul 17 Posted by:      Mo-jea
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