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I am pasting the first few pages of my learning theory below. I hope my learning theory will release students and adults from the very harmful teachings of genetic permanence in ability being taught to our students from a young age. This teaching did not come from science but from a mere assertion of evolutionary development. This teaching in school and society is creating love and honor for those who appear to measure up in some way and more isolation and lack of care for those who appear not to measure up. It is creating much anxiety and hopelessness along with many teen deaths from drug/alcohol abuse and suicide. We must remove this false teaching from our schools and begin providing tools to help students continually improve their lives. My learning theory shows how our individual environments, not genetics are greatly affecting our lives and how we can continually change and improve our lives. My learning theory redefines our average stress as “many maintained layers of mental work which take up real mental energy, leaving less mental energy for new mental work” far beyond some immediate situational stress. This has applications for muscle tension; reflection time; early failure in school; psychological suffering from high maintained layers; and many escapes from over-eating to drug/alcohol abuse/suicide and suicide with violence. By teaching the permanent, genetic models of learning, we are killing our students and adults. This represents an important change in our understanding of how our individual environments greatly affect thinking, learning, motivation, and mental health. This also shows how layers of average stress “can be more permanently reduced to continually improve our lives and abilities”. My learning theory also provides two large tools we can use to help parents, teachers, and students continually change and improve their lives. My learning theory is for all to read. I will also send my complete theory with many applications to all on request and answer any questions regarding my paper. I hope we can help many students and adults have much more hope, esteem, and tools to continually improve their lives. lynn oliver

lynn oliver
233 Collins RD N.W.
Milledgeville, GA 31061
478-387-6586 Free soft copies on request

We can Remove the Myth of Genetics in Ability and
Continually Improve Learning, Motivation, and Mental Health

We have something very wonderful we have not researched and which could help many students and adults. Due to our current, very false, dogma of genetics in ability and currently a very gross, incorrect definition of average stress, researchers, teachers, and administrators are not looking into a wonderful way to provide hope for continual change and improvement for many students and adults. This involves a much more correct definition of average stress, not just as some situational stress or work, but also “many maintained layers of mental work which take up real mental energy”. Try to visualize an upright rectangle, representing our full mental energy. Then begin at the bottom, drawing in narrowly spaced, horizontal lines to represent many layers of mental work from many past, present, future - experiences, fears, circumstances, needs, anxieties along with “many weights and values some of which may be faulty we may have developed from a young age and may act as magnets for other accumulating layers of mental frictions which take up real energy. The space leftover shows our “leftover mental energy for learning new mental work”. This shows us just how “our own” individual environments, not genetics, greatly affect our thinking, learning, motivation (mental reward for mental work expended), reflection time, and our mental/emotional health. This theory (which can be researched), affects all persons of all ages, and provides tools we can all use to continually change and improve our lives.
This represents a very new and very important change from our current, very improper definition of average stress, which only shows stress as some immediate work, need, or problem. The false genetics models in regard to learning have completely sidetracked everyone into a very vague and useless definition of average stress. When we approach a new mental work or have a situational event there is an increase in layers along with improper pace and intensity in approaching that new mental work or situation, but this new mental work “goes on top of our already present layers of mental work which represent a much larger overall total of our maintained layers of mental work. Try to see the upright rectangle again and think of how a situational stress would go on top of our already present layers of mental work. I have drawn a Figure on page 3 to show how layers of “maintained mental work” accumulate; take up real mental energy from all of us; and hurt our overall thinking, learning, motivation, reflection time, and our mental health.

This very important, new definition of average stress affects all persons in all areas of society to some degree. The very good news for all of us is “we are not just naturally good at this and bad at that”. That very false and deadly myth has killed many students and adults for many years. It has also created many needless anxieties and feelings of hopelessness for millions of students today. We are literally creating needless anxiety and much hopelessness in our schools by teaching the myth of genetics in ability to our students and adults. This in turn is creating many escapes, from overeating and over shopping to drug/alcohol abuse, violence, and suicide, some with mass violence involved. We can all learn how to more permanently reduce layers of mental work to “continually, more permanently reduce our layers to continually change and improve our abilities and our lives over time. It is long past time for removing this deadly myth of genetic permanence in ability from our schools.

This is the first cognitive tool for lowering our average layers
Many Persons with high layers of mental frictions will have to work harder to receive the same mental reward for mental work expended. Ask yourself, which makes more sense, are we just genetically more or less able, or do our individual environments greatly affect our ability to think, learn, and develop skills. For our own good, we need to recognize how our individual environments greatly affect ability and how we can more permanently reduce mental frictions to continually improve thinking, learning, and mental/emotional health.
This tool provides a way to permanently reduce layers of mental frictions. To permanently reduce our mental layers of average stress, we need to do more than just solve a problem or unresolved mental work creating a mental friction. We need to look at the elements in our lives that create those mental frictions and our values that may be creating those problems. Then, we can begin to understand a little more each day how the elements of our lives are creating mental frictions as they come up. Then with a small change in a weight or value we are placing on something in our lives and developing a mental principle or rule in a certain area of our life we can then resolve and more permanently remove that layer of mental friction. This involves a much deeper understanding of average stress and how it greatly affects our lives in various small and large ways.
By slowly understanding how layers of mental frictions are created, we can learn to approach those elements in our lives more correctly to keep like mental frictions from occurring in the future. This enables “all of us” to more permanently reduce layers of mental frictions that hurt our ability to think and learn. Note, this goes way beyond immediate needs or substantive problems, but goes into many smaller areas of values – conscience - of self, others, society, experiences, circumstances, and other many small areas which take away real mental energy.
Savants, or a very small segment of persons with autism, are able to perform mathematical or musical feats because theoretically, the mind is dysfunctional in many areas and is delivering extra mental energy to other areas like math or music that in rare instances, have been left undamaged. Since we as so-called, normal human beings are affected adversely by many layers of mental frictions in other areas of the mind which function normally, our abilities in those areas are impeded by our mental energy being more taxed, thus limiting those areas. This shows both how mental energy can be distributed and also taken up by many other layers of average stress in a person, thus limiting ability in general due to their “average layers of mental work”.
With each more permanently removed layer of mental friction we will continually improve thinking, learning, and extend reflection time (think more deeply, with more complexity, and more correctly). Remember, to more permanently reduce layers of mental frictions we need to change the principle or value that created that mental friction, “not just solve that problem” to prevent similar mental frictions from occurring. This involves tools for all students and adults to use at all ages when they are able to understand this vital cognitive tool for long-term change and improvement in their lives.
I personally use various mental cues that signal to me when I need to make an adjustment to more permanently reduce a layer of unresolved mental work or average stress. When I feel even slight areas of anger, fear, anxiety, and any feeling of force, power, or improper pace when approaching a new mental work, those feelings are serving as notice to me that I am not applying a correct principle or I need to revise and make a small change in some (my own perceived) weights or values I am placing on something. Then by making a small change or understanding and applying more correctly a principle I already have, I can then continually hone my principles to maintain lower average stress or lower layers of mental work. I have also learned years ago to try to understand why I view persons, things, actions, values, and various other areas of society as I do. I know if I do not look independently myself, I can then become more blind to the possible negative effects of perhaps those more faulty values on my life. I feel all of us can fall victim to more blindly following the values of those around us, regardless of the potential for creating more needless, unresolved conflicts for us later.
You “cannot” use physical exercise, relaxation, or mediation to more permanently reduce average stress. It does not work. When you use physical exercise, you are temporarily removing the energy dealing with mental work and sending it to perform a more physical task. Then when your body recovers, that energy is then re-fed back to your average stress, so nothing is accomplished.
When you use Relaxation in an attempt to reach greater ease or use various forms of meditation in an attempt to alter your state of consciousness, you are only temporarily removing the mental energy to your mind. Then when you attempt a new mental work, that energy is then re-fed back to your layers of mental work or average stress you were dealing with in the first place. It is kind of like turning off the faucet to a multi-prong hose or “layers of mental frictions”. This works good as long as the faucet is turned off. However, when you attempt a new mental work, it is like turning the faucet back on. Your mental energy is then re-fed not just to that one mental work but to all of the others also. As a result, nothing is accomplished from physical exercise, relaxation, or meditation.
It is time for all of us to begin using cognitive tools to improve thinking, learning, motivation, and mental health for all of us. If we are honest hearted and really care about our students, friends, and others who are close to us, we will not allow the long-developed egos of feeling superior in some way or simply working harder to keep us from creating tools of hope for others we care about or should be caring about. If we are professionals who work with others to help others, we should definitely be willing to remove any stumbling blocks of ego and false feelings of superiority to help those we as professionals are supposed to be striving for. If on the other hand, we are business persons who have grown up more isolated from the hardships of others and/or have been modeled, taught, and benefited from the myth of genetic permanence in ability, then it will be much harder to break free from those false teachings to help others, even we may be in position which calls for such care for those other persons.
Situational stress and new mental work do occur
on top of our already present layers
When we have a situational stress: This occurs on top of our already present, layers of mental work or average layers/average stress. Situational stress is composed of new mental work and also usually a mentally rushed time frame, which amplifies that new mental work. This usually temporarily raises significantly, our layers of average stress on top of our already present layers. This makes situational stress much more hazardous for persons with high layers of average stress. This can greatly shorten thought processing and reflection time. A shorter reflection time and psychological suffering can lead to many harmful escapes that would not occur had there been lower layers of mental frictions before that situational stress had occurred. By more permanently lowering layers of mental frictions, we can prevent many deadly forms of escape and increase our reflection time or time we take to think with more complexity, plan, and make decisions.

Continued on complete learning theory-

  9th Nov 18 Posted by:      lynn oliver
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