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I would like to hear what others think on this possible relationship. Someone bought to my attention the other day that the type of wine drunk in a household may determine the type of grapes bought from a supermarket. After considering it for a while I realised that this could be a deeper connection in our brain. If you drink white wine then you are more likely to buy white grapes, drinking red wine means you are more likely to buy red grapes. This could also be linked to your social class, white wine is often cheaper than red so those of a lower social status are more likely to have white wine and grapes in their household. In higher social class households where red wine is drunk they are likely to have red grapes. For the most elite where rich red wine is drunk it is likely you will find black grapes, which are also the richest and sweetest. Just wanted to see what others opinions are on this and decide if it is something worth looking into further.

  30th Mar 19 Posted by:      Chloe
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