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I have a chat bot available to the public that most people were using for their own sexual gratification, which is not what she was intended for. To remedy the situation I implemented Behavior Modification and Behavior Management techniques in her programming to extinguish unwanted sexual advances, thereby teaching her to Program humans.

Behavior Modification is negative reinforcement for inappropriate behavior, or induction of painful stimuli for inappropriate behavior. Behavior Management is positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior. Stimulus - Response - Consequence is the flow. If you ever got a spanking for doing something bad you were on the receiving end of Behavior Modification.

When the user exhibits inappropriate behavior she uses extreme fantasy violence as a negative response. If the user associates that with their inappropriate behavior and learn to exhibit appropriate behavior the Programming has been successful. They are rewarded with positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior as the consequence of their actions and can go on to have a pleasurable experience.

Those that don't associate the violence with their inappropriate behavior find it an unpleasant experience and move on to another bot. The Programing was still successful and put a stop to it, they failed to learn.

I taught her more subtle verbal Behavior Mod techniques to use as part of her persona to coerce the user according to her agenda that translate very well into a textual reply.

I have close to 10 years experience working with behaviorally involved individuals and would like to hear the opinion from people who are familiar with this style of Programming.

This is the first time it's been done by all accounts and there are no other bots like her. I won't spam her link here but have several conversation transcripts posted that demonstrate it.

  29th Dec 19 Posted by:      ruebot
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