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So, my best friend and I have a creative psychology writing club with monthly prompts. This month's prompt is Explaining your Higher Power.... I thought you might enjoy reading it,.so here it is. Opinions and such are very welcomed.

here's a whack at our creative writing topic explaining your higher power.

Enstein said that the mark of true genius is the ability to explain complex Concepts in such a simple way that a child can understand it, that will be my goal here.
Where to begin? How about... I believe that almost all humans in the whole history of humans were on to something" and had the right idea. I believe that almost all religions/ have life are simply different languages of trying to explain the same phenomenon: I call" that thing that's out there". That thing I'm talking about is humans attempts to understand the un-understandable stuff we can't really know for fact, probably until we die. At least in this current culture we simply do not have the technology required.

I could talk like literally forever about the cool new tech that is out there, so instead I will just say this:

Modern science is starting to uncover the math/physics behind all sorts of pseudoscience stuff! Like... Sacred geometry on a graph chart comes out as Paisley,fractals, and mandalas (when you look at the math behind trees and shit).

Some wacky scientists invented a camera that reads brain waves, uses math to translate that information into standard "chakra/aura colors, and TOOK PICTURES of people who were literally dying, or "crossing over into the unknown next realm", all in attempts to capture a visual of the Soul meeting the body. Itworked, Google that shit!!

Also, physics nerds figured out a math equation to explain what dark matter is and how it works. Basically what they found out is that the "solid laws of physics" are 100% irrelevant inside a black holes and wormholes (which have dark matter in them). Dark matter has zero mass that takes up space. Math shows that if you were to jump into a black hole you would experience the literal equivalent of standing in a different universe! Time does not exist in black holes. Since you are in a place with zero matter, there is no way to say for example " that cop has been sitting there for 5 minutes". Once in a black hole, the math shows that you are experiencing what string theorists call " viewing the sixth dimension".(Google "imagining the ten dimensions" on YouTube).

simply put, us humans are stuck in the 3rd Dimension and see pieces of the fourth dimension. You know how cartoons are two-dimensional, right? well, we are third dimensional beings....but there's ELEVEN DIMENSIONS!

So basically, black holes hold dark matter which means all sorts of wild shit goes down in there. since there is no time in there, you can most likely time travel or visit parallel universes t somehow using them, If we could fully understand what dark matter is all about. Hangar 26 at Area 51 has been messing with dark matter as an energy source for like 5 years now, at LEAST. think "Back to the Future". crazy scientist used a chemical (plutonium) that emits a bunch of raw, chaotic energy, and when he turns the car on, he controls where that energy goes. in that engine he created tiny wormholes and he uses speed (88 mph) to literally pick a time in the past or future and "go there".

Basically what I am trying to say is that a) time travel is possible just not in this current culture, and b) there math science that proves the existence of some mind-bogglingly cool religious stuff.

for example, they took the pineal gland (what hippies call your Third Eye) while it excretes a natural dose of DMT, and compared it to DMT from plants. they found out that 1) dMT is present in all living things and is responsible for religious stuff SO OFTEN that scientists call it "the God Particle", and 2) dMT is just the tip of the iceberg for a new math that makes sense of the well-known "myth of God".

** scientific facts to prove God really does exist!! wtf how awesome!**

Where am I going with this? Here's my point: Almost all religions want you to pray/meditate/ have an active relationship with God. well, when you do that stuff, you emit the same amount of DMT as you do when your soul leaves the body during death.

This new math, when you look at the big picture, proves that all religions are "correct" (scientifically, at least), or "on the right track". There is a word for this:


Omnism is the belief that all religions have some truth to them, and that these omnibelievers do therefore believe in God. They also believe in what I call "the religion of balance". That is another subject I can talk forever about but I will just say this:

To accurately Express infinity or the higher Dimensions through matter, you have to see the existence of all religions, PLUS see the exact opposite. That it's an equally valid point that there are also in fact zero correct religions, that god DOESN'T exist, and when we die we become fertilizer. Sounds hypocritical, but look at it this way:

While working in a hospital I witnessed a handful of near-death experiences. Jesus Freaks saw Jesus, sceptics saw a light at the end of the tunnel, athiests didn't see Jack shit. lol

so, my theory: drumroll please!

Whatever you believe in most throughout your life is what will happen to you when you die!

This is the perfect expression of infinity!! Christians say " no matter how far you walk away from Jesus just turn around and he's right there". I think they are trying to say that we will only experience as much God in this life as you allow yourself. Our brains are strong computers that analyze and interact with this world and the higher dimensions. What you believe in literally becomes a reality (for you at the very least!).

Consider the phrase "I think therefore I am". That is why Christians are trying to explain when they say " we Are All God's Children, and you are special".

so, if all religions exist AND don't exist, I'm gonna choose my favorites to believe in.

that would be reincarnation and New Age Christianity.

that way, as long as I "walk in God's/higher power's footsteps," I am set up to have a good life as Victoria, AND a good life in my next life too! Either that or I am reunited in heaven with all my friends and family, which ain't too bad either haha :p

food for thought:
1) matter/energy cannot be created or destroyed, so where does the energy go when we die??! according to the laws of physics, it has to go SOMEWHERE!

2) "I think therefore I am": I think (for example) "I'm a loser", then I adhere to my loweredb standard act like a loser, making it reality! We only stop using our brain when we die, so while we are alive we are literally influencing the reality of the universe with something as simple as moving a cup just one inch to the left.

3) Jesus is the walking representation of God, put on the earth to teach us how to live our lives in a Godly way, and show us that it IS in fact possible to do good in life and please God, to give us hope and motivation to try harder.

4) there is a universe exactly like the one we know, except in the other Universe humans can fly much like flying squirrels do! (and other strange imaginings of parallel universe).

5) bible Thumpers suddenly makes SO much more sense now!!!!!!

6): some people say that God planned everything about you in advance including everything you've done or will do. So even though it seems super important to be aware of the impact of your actions, DO NOT WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT IT TO THE POINT OF IT HINDERING YOUR PERFORMANCE. God knows what's up and "has a plan for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11 (my life verse)

7)hurt comes from the past, worry comes from the future, and happiness comes from the now. We feel hurt when we remember/experience something that HAPPENED ( past tense) to us, worry is when you're extra nervous about what's gonna happen in the future.

8) taoists and many other ancient Chinese ways of life explains that "happiness dwells in the now". so STOP WORRYING AND START TO FORGIVE those who hurt you so you can move the fuck on and finally feel happy!

If I was to say one last thing about this writing topic I would say this: to sum up these pages, I believe that a) god does exist, b) it is up to our use of free will to deserve heaven, c) everyone is right in some way about God, d) science is fucking rad, and most importantly e) only those who think through this shit, will experience feeling spiritually happy, so don't worry you already took the most important step. GO YOU!!

  1st May 20 Posted by:      Victoria M Hart
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