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Ive been learning about visual perception and I keep seeing everything based on a ground plane and not curvature. Ik I'll prob get laughed at but after debating flat earthers I'm starting to see why people think the earth is flat. As we gain altitude all we ever see is a flat surface appearing to rise. Most would say that we are to small to see curvature but according to the spherical trigonometry of the globe we are not. Just has me wondering why our visual perception over a ground plane matches what we see no matter the altitude. Ive seen amateur weather balloons go up to 100k ft still have a flat and horizontal horizon at eye level. How is this possible if we live on a globe. According to science it says we are looming at a downward angle at the curve of the earth and that is how we get a horizon but visual perception says its basically due to depth. How the ground plane and the sky converge to the center of our field of view.

  6th Jun 20 Posted by:      William
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