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Sometimes i feel like nothing is real. like im in some kind of dream. or i'm in a movie. very rarely do i find myself somewhere whithout knowing how i got there. it is not a public place that i'm at. it is somewhere at home. i find myself in the kitchen and the last thing i remember doing was laying on my bed in my room. I wouldn't go out in a public place because i always feel like someone is watching me. i dont even like going to church. the when preists look like they are looking at me, i think they are reading my thiughts, and learning about my life somewoe. i dont know how. when they look at me, i know they are thinking about me. they are judging. somehow i then know that i was put here on earth for a reason i was put here for a reason, i just dont know.d. I dont like going out in public places because people are there to read me, they are reading me. i like to read books a lot i read to pass the time and the time passes fastes when i read.. I can never seem to make eye contact with anyone. i can with the people that i really like, like my parents and some of my friends. but with other adults and students, i never can, it is very, very uncomfortable, and awkward. sometimes i think that when i make eye contact with someone. when i realise that i make eye contact with some one, That person then realises that i realize that i made eye contact with them, and at that exact moment they have acces to my thoughts. they can read them, and influence them, and make me think things. i also dont like to be touched. Sometimes, i have these really really intense interests in things. like several years ago it world war two. I knew almost every fact about that kind of thing . like how many people died, and stuff like that. last year it was the paranormal and supernatural and things like that like the story behind the werewolves, and other things. and this year i'm obsessed with the bible, and revelations and that stuff. i have some other things to add but this is already too long anyway, so i'll wait for someone to respond.

  4th Jan 16 Posted by:      mackenzie
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