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I am having trouble with this can you help? My husband and I have been together for 30 plus years. He admits he was not very nice to me for many of those years and has improved alot. I decided a few years back this cant go on. Not only was I needing change in my marriage I needed it at work too. I was tired of not conducting myself honestly. I allowed dishonesty by choosing to egnore the behavior. Then I realized I was the only one that can make it stop. I began by expressing how important it is for us to be honest at work and at home. I had no idea how much this would change my life. Work for me was a battle ground from my reporting violations. I became the target my request for following policy was answered with temparary fixes, soon we were right back to lazy work ethics and pissed off coworkers. Fast farward a bit and the personal attacs by my coworkers came involving my Autistic grandaughter. Even after the personal attacts I was determind to do right by my employer. Mean while informing my husband we need to work on our relationship, I felt he did not repect me. Now were five six years later I have been on medical leave without pay for 8 months. Due to my constantly asking for the violations to be solved. I was overwelmed with stress because no one wanted to be honest. My last day I worked I blew up and said things like why dont you care about your job and do it right. Not nice, I know and Im sorry that I was mean like that. I now know I have ADHD it makes so much sense. My symtems had a big effect on my behavior, I could not get why I was in this situation. Tension from no income on my part adds to the marrage problems but we are doing much better. My question is, does my ADHD cause me to be too honest? My husband said I shouldnt take things "Litteraly". ie: he asks me to tell him if an item is square or rectangle? I check and say a rectangle turns out he buys the wrong item and lets me know I was mistaken its a square NOT IN THOSE WORDS. I then said look and showed him that I measured it and its a rectangle. Thats what you asked me. Long story short we fight about this driving home from a great vacation. Does my ADHD cause this or is my husband disrespecful and cowerkers lazy, and or both? Help I want to enjoy the rest of my life my way. Respectfully and Honestly.

  27th Jan 17 Posted by:     
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