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Sometimes, I feel like my interest in psychology and psychotherapy are genuinly scientific and at the same time personal. Like I am using science to extrapolate the results in my life in order to translate the world around me and to find meaning. I want / have to know why, ho, how, to whom, in what context? Like plain old fashioned curiosity. However, I am constantly tormended by thoughts of being unprofessional and somehow immoral since I perceive my world as a result of multiple variables interacting with each other in a constant interplay. A small experiment that I am able to engage, observe , take notes and gather freely data.And probably in my attempt to humanise all these and to justify/absolve myself I am practising . Trying to explore others, the world and myself through multiple perspectives , with new knowledge with new eyes. constantly updating , trying to keep up , to become a better person , a better therapist.

  23rd Mar 18 Posted by:      Anonymous Therapist
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