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My girlfriend seemed to have an episode the other day that I'm concerned about, we've been together for two years and know everything about each other and she loves my dog. So we were having a shower I potpourri dry myself while she washed her hair. I'm drying and she asks me "what am I doing" I say washing her hair, she then asks me "why?" And I say because bit needs washing Sweety (keep in mind I was concerned ALOT about all this burbs grew up with a mentally unstable mum so I knew how to handle it straight up) she comments a few times she feels her hands and body aren't hers, I keep her focused on washing her hair because she keeps zoning out. She keeps forgetting what she is doing in the shower so I ask her "hey baby, what is the name of your cousin's newest baby?" (His name is codin and my girlfriend loves him) and she answers with "Saxxon" I name of another kid that belongs to a friend of the family. I then ask her a bit after " what are my two middle names" to which she responds "I don't know" and "you've never told me" (I'd told her before and she knew very well what they were ) and this whole time she has a kind of detached look on her face. Near the end a bit of my dogs black hair gets in her (cause his hair is everywhere even when he's not there) and she says in a disgusted tone "what's this?" I say "it's jymmys hair" to which she says "ew, I don't like jymmy" in the same tone. Does anyone know what this could be? She also has been having hallucinations about voices and scary figures sneaking near her house sometimes at night if that helps

  21st Jan 19 Posted by:      Will
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