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Behaviour After Trauma

My problem is my boyfriend.
Half a year ago he got seriously ill- the illness was related to spinal nerves. He was at home for 3 months without knowing if he will be able to walk and be active again. He was going through terrible pain and after that a lot of different medications.
During this time he stayed alone at home ,only with his mother who was taking care of him. His girlfriend did not support him enough and after this illness he broke up with her.He didn\'t want to contact any of his friends.He met them only if they wanted to visit him.He was actually hiding from everybody...
Now i am his closest person and he tells me everything.
He is not over this trauma.He can\'t be in his family house because everythin there is related to his pain.He has many paranoias (as he calls them).He is very worried about his health but he is healed already. His doctors tell that everything is alright with him and there is no reason he could get ill again.But ...he doesn\'t believe that.He thinks that he will spend all his life with these paranoias- imagining different pain until not being able even to sleep.Then he gets into a terrible mood and starts being angry or just nasty with me and telling i don\'t understand him enough etc. and he is really mean to me in these moments though i really do everything i can .
He is not able to trust me also-because of this moment when his long term girlfriend didn\'t support him enough.
Is there anything that could help him to get over this trauma?

  29th Aug 11 Posted by:      elena
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