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physical Dreams

physical dream information - the meaning behind physical dreams.

The meaning behind physical Dreams

and _spiritual_. They relate to the past,
present and future, and are influenced by past or subjective,
physical and spiritual causes. The latter is always deeply prophetic,
especially when it leaves a vivid impression on the conscious mind.
The former, too, possesses an element of warning and prophecy,
though the true meaning is hidden in symbols or allegory.
They are due to contingent mental pictures of the past
falling upon the conscious mind of the dreamer.
Thus he is back at the old home, and finds mother pale and aged,
or ruddy and healthy, and the lawn withered or green.
It all augurs, according to the aspect the picture assumes,
ill or good fortune.

Physical dreams are more or less unimportant. They are usually
superinduced by the anxious waking mind, and when this is so they
possess no prophetic significance.

Dreams induced by opiates, fevers, mesmerism and ill health come under
this class. A man who gambles is liable to dream of cards; if he dreams
of them in deep sleep the warning is to be heeded; but if it comes
as a reverie while he sleeps lightly he should regard it as worthless.
Such dreams reflect only the present condition of the body and mind
of the dreamer; but as the past and present enter into shaping the future,
the reflections thus left on the waking mind should not go by unheeded.

We often observe matters of dress and exterior appearance through mirrors,
and we soon make the necessary alterations to put our bodies in harmony
with existing formalities. Then, why not study more seriously the mental
images reflected from the mirror of the soul upon our minds through the occult
processes within us?

Thirdly, the spiritual dreams are brought about by the higher self penetrating
the soul realm, and reflecting upon the waking mind approaching events.
When we put our animal mind and soul in harmony with our higher self we
become one with it, and, therefore, one with the universal mind or will by
becoming a part of it. It is through the higher self we reach the infinite.
It is through the lower self we fall into the whirlpool of matter.

These dreams are a part of the universal mind until they
transpire in the life of man. After this they go to make a part
of the personal soul. Whatever has not taken place in the mind,
or life of man, belongs exclusively to the impersonal mind.
But as soon as a man lives or sees a thing, that thing
instantly becomes a part of his soul; hence, the clairvoyant,
or mind reader, never perceives beyond the personal ego,
as the future belongs exclusively to God or the universal mind,
and has no material, subjective existence; therefore, it cannot
be known except through the channels of the higher self,
which is the Truth or the Word that is constantly striving
to manifest itself through the flesh.

Our psychical research people give us conclusive proof of mental
telepathy or telegraphy between finite minds. Thus communications
or impressions are conveyed many miles from one mind to another.
This phenomenon is easier when one or both of the subjects are
in a state of somnambulence or asleep.

In thought transference or mind reading it is absolutely
necessary to have a positive and a negative subject.
Through the same law that mental impressions are telegraphed
from one finite mind to another a man may place himself in harmony
with the infinite mind and thus receive true and healthful
warnings of coming evil or good. Homer, Aristotle and other
writers of the ancient classics thought this not improbable.

The statesman, the poet, the philosopher of the Bible were
unanimous in attaching prophetic significance to dreams.
Has the law of ethereal vibrations undergone any recent
changes to debar or molest the communion of the soul with its
spiritual father, any more than it has debarred contact with its
material mother or environments?

We only understand the great laws of nature by effects.
We know that vegetation planted in native soil and properly attended
with light, heat and moisture, will grow and yield a certain
species of fruit. We may infer how it does this, but we cannot
explain the process of transformation any more than we can explain
why certain tropical birds are burnished with glowing colors,
and that other birds under the murky skies are gray and brown,
while in the Arctic regions they bleach.

In sleep we see, without being awakened, the angry lightning rend
the midnight clouds, and hear the explosive thunder hurl its fury at us;
but can we explain it any more than our scientist can explain the natural
forces of thought, of love and hate, or the subtle intuition of woman?

What of the silhouette or the anthelion of the Scandinavian Alps,
and the aerial cities so often seen by explorers and travelers?
Do not they defy the law of optics? Must we understand the intricacies
of articulation and the forces back of it before we can appropriate speech?
Must we discard all belief in an infinite mind because we cannot
understand it, and therefore say we are not a part of it because there
is no Infinite? Should we discard the belief in the infinitude of number,
because we cannot understand it, and therefore say that finite number
is not a part of the infinite?

No scientist or naturalist is so grossly stupid as to deny
the infinite expansion of numbers? If this be so, it establishes
the infinite of number, of which every finite number is a part,
and thus we have a parallel in mathematics, the very cornerstone
of the exact sciences, for a finite and an infinite mind.
It is from the prototype of this infinite of number, namely,
the infinite of intelligence, that spiritual dreams proceed.
They are, therefore, the reflection of truth upon the dream mind
and occur with less frequency than do dreams of the other two classes.

There are also mixed dreams, due to a multitude of incidents
arising from one or more sources, which being reflected upon
the mind at the same instant, produce an incoherent effect similar
to that which might be produced by running the same newspaper
through two or more presses all of different size type.

Again, if you sit before a mirror where flashlights of faces and
other things are reflected simultaneously and instantly removed,
you will fail to obtain a well-defined impression of what passed
before your mind.

If you should pass on a train, at the speed of two miles a minute,
through a forest of flowers and trees, your mind would be unable
to distinguish one flower or tree from another.

It is in a similar way dream life and incidents may fall upon the mind.

A woman may dream of receiving a letter, and in the same connection see
muddy water, or an arid landscape. Closely following, in waking life,
she is astonished to receive a letter in about the same manner of her dream,
but the muddy water and the arid landscape are missing.

This is a mixed dream and is due to more than one cause.
The first part is literal in its fulfilment, and belongs to
the spiritual class; the other part of the dream is subjective,
and therefore allegorical in meaning. Together with the letter,
it was a forewarning of misfortune.

These dreams are more difficult of interpretation than those
belonging to the spiritual type. In such dreams you may see water,
letters, houses, money, people, and countless other things.
The next day you may cross water or receive a letter; the other
things you may not see, but annoyance or pleasure will follow.

Again, you may have a similar dream and not receive a letter or cross water,
but the waking life will be filled with the other dream pictures and you will
experience disappointing or pleasant surprises as are indicated by the letter
or water sign.

I have selected the allegorical type of dreams for the subject of this work.
Dreams that are common occurrences and are thought by the world
to be meaningless.

I have endeavored, through the occult forces in and about me
to find their esoteric or hidden import.

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Dream dictionary entry taken from 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller. Psychologist World provides these definitions as a courtesy and is not responsible for, or for any consequences resulting from the use of, Miller's archaic dream interpretations.

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