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Dreams Dictionary: Meanings of Dreams

Dreams Dictionary: Meanings of Dreams

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Abandon, Abbey, Abbess, Abbot, Abdomen, Abhor, Abject, Abode, Abortion, Above, Abroad, Absalom, Absence, Abscess, Absinthe, Abundance, Abuse, Abyss, Academy, Accepted, Accident, Accordion, Accounts, Accuse, Aches, Acid, Acorn, Acquaintance, Acquit, Acrobat, Actor and Actress, Adam and Eve, Adamant, Adder, Addition, Adieu, Admire, Admonish, Adopted, Adultery, Adulation, Advancement, Adversary, Adventurer, Adversity, Advertisement, Advice, Advocate, Afraid, Afternoon, Affliction, Affrighted, Affront, Affluence, Agate, Age, Agony, Ague, Air, Alabaster, Alarm Bell, Album, Ale-house, Alien, Alley, Alligator, Alloy, Almanac, Almonds, Alms, Alms-house, Altar, Alum, Aluminum, Amateur, Ambush, America, Amethyst, Ammonia, Ammunition, Amorous, Amputation, Anchor, Andirons, Anecdote, Angels, Anger, Angling, Annoy, Antelope, Ants, Anvil, Anxiety, Apes, Apparel, Apparition, Apples, Apprentice, Apricot, April, Apron, Arch, Archbishop, Architect, Arm, Aroma, Arrested, Arrow, Art Gallery, Ascend, Asceticism, Ashes, Asia, Asp, Asparagus, Ass, Assassin, Assistance, Asylum, Astral, Atlas, Atonement, Attic, Attorney, Auction, August, Augur, Aunt, Aura, Autumn, Automobile, Author, Awake, Axe,


Baby, Baby Carriages, Bachelor, Back, Back-bite, Backgammon, Bacon, Badger, Bag-Pipe, Bail, Bailiff, Bake-house, Baking, Balcony, Bald, Ball, Ballet, Balloon, Banishment, Bank, Bankrupt, Banana, Banner, Banquet, Bantam, Baptism, Bar, Barber, Barefoot, Barley-field, Barmaid, Barn, Barrel, Barometer, Baseball, Basement, Basin, Basket, Baste, Bass Voice, Bath, Bathroom, Bats, Battle, Bayonet, Bay Tree, Beacon-light, Beads, Beans, Bear, Beard, Beat, Beauty, Beaver, Bedbugs, Bed Fellow, Bed-chamber, Beef, Beer, Bees, Beetles, Beets, Beggar, Beheading, Bier, Belladonna, Bell-man, Bellows, Bells, Belly, Belt, Bench, Bequest, Bereavement, Bet, Bible, Bigamy, Bicycle, Billiards, Birds, Bird's Nest, Birth, Birthday, Birthday Presents, Biscuits, Bishop, Bite, Blackberries, Blackboard, Blacksmith, Bladder, Blanket, Blasphemy, Bleating, Bleeding, Blind, Blindfold, Blind Man's Buff, Blood, Blood Stone, Blossoms, Blows, Blotting Paper, Blushing, Boarding House, Boa-Constrictor, Boasting, Boat, Bobbin, Bog, Boiler, Boils, Bolts, Bomb Shell, Bones, Bonnet, Books, Bookcase, Book Store, Boots, Borrowing, Bosom, Bottles, Bouquet, Bow and Arrow, Box, Bracelet, Brain, Brambles, Brandy, Branch, Brass, Bray, Bread, Break, Breakfast, Breath, Brewing, Briars, Brick, Bride, Bridge, Bridle, Bridle Bits, Brimstone, Bronchitis, Bronze, Brood, Broom, Broth, Brothel, Brothers, Brush, Buckle, Buffalo, Bugle, Bugs, Buildings, Bull, Bulldog, Bullock, Burden, Burr, Burglars, Burial, Buried Alive, Burns, Butcher, Butter, Butterfly, Buttons, Buttermilk, Buzzard,


Cab, Cabbage, Cable, Cabin, Cackle, Cage, Cakes, Calomel, Calves, Called, Calendar, Calm, Calumny, Camera, Cameo Brooch, Camels, Camp, Campaign, Cane, Cancer, Canal, Canary Birds, Candles, Candlestick, Canker, Cannon, Cannon-Ball, Canoe, Candy, Canopy, Cap, Captive, Captain, Cars, Cardinal, Cards, Carnival, Cart, Cartridge, Carving, Carpet, Carpenter, Carriage, Carrot, Cask, Cash, Cash Box, Cashier, Castle, Castor Oil, Castoria, Cats, Catechism, Caterpillar, Cattle, Cathedral, Cauliflower, Cavalry, Cavern or Cave, Cedars, Celestial Signs, Celery, Cellar, Cemetery, Chaff, Chains, Chair, Chair Maker, Chairman, Chalk, Chalice, Challenge, Chamber, Chambermaid, Chameleon, Champion, Chandelier, Chapel, Charity, Charcoal, Chariot, Chastise, Cheated, Checks, Checkers, Cheese, Chemise, Cherries, Cherubs, Chess, Chestnuts, Chickens, Chiffonier, Chilblain, Childbed, Children, Chimes, Chimney, Chocolate, Choir, Cholera, Christ, Christmas Tree, Chrysanthemum, Church, Churchyard, Churning, Cider, Cipher, Circle, Cistern, City, City Council, City Hall, Clams, Clay, Claret, Claret Cup and Punch, Clarionet, Clairvoyance, Clergyman, Climbing, Clock, Cloister, Clothes, Clouds, Clover, Cloven Foot, Club, Coach, Coals, Coal-hod, Coat, Coat-of-Arms, Cocoa, Cocoanut, Cock-Crowing, Cockade, Cocktail, Coca-Cola, Coffin, Coffee, Coffee Mill, Coffee House, Coins, Coke, Coke Oven, Cold, Colonel, Collar, College, Colliery or Coal-Mine, Collision, Combat, Combing, Comedy, Comet, Comic Songs, Command, Commandment, Commerce, Committee, Companion, Compass, Completion, Complexion, Composing, Concert, Concubine, Confectionary, Confetti, Conjurer, Conjuring, Conflagration, Conspiracy, Conscience, Consumption, Contempt, Convent, Convicts, Convicted, Convention, Cooking, Cooking Stove, Cooling Board, Copper, Copperas, Copper Plate, Coppersmith, Copying, Coral, Cornet, Coronation, Cords, Cork, Corn, Corn and Corn-Field, Corns, Corkscrew, Corpse, Cornmeal, Corner, Corpulence, Corset, Cossack, Cot, Cotton, Cotton Cap, Cotton Cloth, Cotton Gin, Couch, Cough, Counter, Counterfeit Money, Counselor, Countenance, Counterpane, Counting, Country, Courtship, Cousin, Cows, Cowslip, Coxcomb, Cradle, Crabs, Crane, Crape, Crawfish, Crawl, Cream, Credit, Creek, Cremate, Crew, Cricket, Cries, Criminal, Crippled, Crochet Work, Crockery, Crocodile, Cross, Cross-bones, Cross Roads, Croup, Crow, Crowd, Crown, Crucifixion, Crucifix, Cruelty, Crust, Crutches, Crying, Crystal, Cuckoo, Cucumber, Cunning, Cupboard, Curbstone, Currycomb, Currying a Horse, Curtains, Cushion, Cuspidor, Custard, Custom-house, Cut, Cymbal,


Dagger, Dahlia, Dairy, Daisy, Damask Rose, Damson, Dance, Dancing Master, Dandelion, Danger, Dark, Dates, Daughter, Daughter-in-law, David, Day, Daybreak, Dead, Death, Debt, December, Deck, Decorate, Deed, Deer, Delay, Delight, Demand, Dentist, Derrick, Desert, Desk, Despair, Detective, Devotion, Devil, Dew, Diadem, Diamonds, Dice, Dictionary, Difficulty, Digging, Dinner, Dirt, Disaster, Disease, Disgrace, Dish, Disinherited, Dispute, Distaff, Distance, Ditch, Diving, Dividend, Divining Rods, Divorce, Docks, Doctor, Dogs, Dolphin, Dome, Dominoes, Donkey, Doomsday, Door, Door Bell, Doves, Dowry, Dragon, Drama, Dram-drinking, Draw-knife, Dressing, Drinking, Driving, Dromedary, Dropsy, Drouth, Drowning, Drum, Drunk, Ducks, Duet, Dulcimer, Dumb, Dun, Dungeon, Dunghill, Dusk, Dust, Dwarf, Dye, Dying, Dynamite, Dynamo,


Eagles, Ears, Earrings, Earthquake, Earwig, Eating, Ebony, Echo, Eclipse, Ecstasy, Education, Eel, Eggs, Elbows, Elderberries, Election, Electricity, Elephant, Elevator, Elixir of Life, Elopement, Eloquent, Embalming, Embankment, Embarrassment, Embrace, Embroidery, Emerald, Emperor, Employee, Employment, Empress, Enchantment, Encyclopedia, Enemy, Engagement, Engine, Engineer, English, Entertainment, Entrails, Envelope, Envy, Epaulet, Epicure, Epidemic, Ermine, Errands, Escape, Estate, Europe, Eve, Evening, Evergreen, Exchange, Execution, Exile, Explosion, Eye, Eyebrows, Eyeglass,


Fables, Face, Failure, Fainting, Fair, Fairy, Faithless, Fakir, Falcon, Fall, Fame, Famine, Famish, Family, Fan, Farewell, Farm, Fat, Fates, Father, Father-in-law, Fatigue, Favor, Fawn, Fears, Feast, Feather, February, Feeble, Feet, Fence, Ferns, Ferry, Festival, Fever, Fiddle, Field, Fiend, Fife, Figs, Figure, Filbert, File, Fingers, Finger-nails, Fire, Firebrand, Fire Budget, Fire-engine, Fireman, Fireworks, Firmament, Fish, Fisherman, Fishhooks, Fish Market, Fish-net, Fish-pond, Fits, Flag, Flame, Flax, Flax Spinning, Fleas, Fleet, Flies, Flight, Floating, Floods, Flour, Flower, Flute, Flux, Flying, Flying Machine, Fly-paper, Fly-trap, Foal, Fog, Foot-log, Forest, Forehead, Fork, Form, Forsaking, Fort, Fortress, Fortune-telling, Fountain, Fowl, Fox, Fraud, Freckles, Friend, Frightened, Frogs, Frost, Fruit, Fruit Seller, Funeral, Furnace, Furs, Future,


Gaiter, Gallows, Gambling-house, Game, Gangrene, Gaol, Garbage, Garden, Garlic, Garret, Garter, Gas, Gas Lamps, Gasoline, Gate, Gauze, Gavel, Geese, Gems, Genealogical Tree, Geography, Ghost, Giant, Gift, Gig, Girdle, Girls, Glass, Glass-blower, Glass House, Gleaning, Gloomy, Gloves, Goat, Goblet, God, Goggles, Gold, Goldfish, Gold Leaves, Golf, Gong, Gooseberries, Gossip, Gout, Gown, Grain, Grammar, Gramophone, Grandparents, Grapes, Grass, Grasshopper, Grave, Gravel, Gravy, Grease, Greek, Greyhound, Grindstone, Groans, Groceries, Grotto, Guardian, Guitar, Gulls, Gun, Gutter, Gymnast,


Haggard, Hail, Hair, Hair-dresser, Hairy Hands, Halter, Ham, Hammer, Hand, Handbills, Handcuffs, Handkerchiefs, Handsome, Handwriting, Hanging, Hare, Harem, Harlequin, Harlot, Harness, Harp, Harvest, Hash, Hassock, Hat, Hatchet, Hate, Hawk, Hay, Head, Headgear, Hearse, Heart, Heat, Heather Bells, Heaven, Hedges, Heir, Hell, Helmet, Hemp, Hemp Seed, Hen, Herbs, Hermit, Herring, Hide, Hidden, Hieroglyphs, High School, High Tide, Hills, Hips, Hissing, History, Hives, Hoe, Hogs, Holiday, Holy Communion, Home, Hominy, Homesick, Homicide, Honey, Honeysuckle, Hood, Hook, Hoop, Hops, Horn, Hornet, Horoscope, Horse, Horseshoe, Horseradish, Horse-trader, Hospital, Hotel, Hounds, House, Housekeeper, Hugging, Humidity, Hunchback, Hunger, Hunting, Hurt, Hurricane, Husband, Hut, Hyacinth, Hydrophobia, Hyena, Hymns, Hypocrite, Hyssop,


Ice, Ice Cream, Icicles, Ideal, Idiot, Idle, Idols, Illness, Illumination, Image, Imitation, Implements, Imps, Inauguration, Incantation, Incest, Incoherent, Income, Increase, Independent, India Rubber, Indifference, Indigo, Indigestion, Indistinct, Indulgence, Industry, Infants, Infirmary, Infirmities, Influence, Inheritance, Injury, Ink, Ink-stand, Inn, Inquest, Inquisition, Insane, Inscription, Insolvent, Intemperance, Intercede, Intermarry, Interpreter, Intestine, Intoxication, Inundation, Invalid, Invective, Inventor, Invite, Iron, Ironing, Island, Itch, Ivory, Ivy,


Jackdaw, Jam, Janitor, January, Jar, Jasper, Jaundice, Javelin, Jaws, Jay-bird, Jealousy, Jelly, Jessamine, Jester, Jew, Jewelry, Jewels, Jew's-harp, Jockey, Jolly, Journey, Journeyman, Joy, Jubilee, Judge, Judgment Day, Jug, July, Jumping, Jumping-jack, June, Juniper, Jury, Justice,


Kaleidoscope, Kangaroo, Keg, Kettle, Key, Keyhole, Kid, Kidneys, Killing, King, Kiss, Kitchen, Kite, Kitten, Knapsack, Knee, Knife, Knife Grinder, Knitting, Knocker, Knocking, Knots, Krishna,


Label, Labor, Laboratory, Labyrinth, Lace, Ladder, Ladle, Lagoon, Lake, Lamb, Lame, Lament, Lamp, Lamp-post, Lance, Land, Landau, Lantern, Lap, Lap-dog, Lap-robe, Lard, Lark, Latch, Latin, Laudanum, Laughing, Laundry, Laurel, Law and Lawsuits, Lawns, Lawyer, Lazy, Lead, Leaking, Leaping, Learning, Leather, Leaves, Ledger, Leeches, Leeward, Legerdemain, Legislature, Legs, Lemonade, Lemons, Lending, Lentil, Leopard, Letter, Letter-carrier, Letter-file, Lettuce, Liar, Library, Lice, License, Life-boat, Life-insurance Man, Light, Lighthouse, Lightning, Lightning-rod, Lily, Lime, Lime-kiln, Limes, Limp, Linen, Linseed Oil, Lion, Lips, Liquor, Liver, Lizard, Load, Loadstone, Loaves, Lobster, Lock, Locket, Lockjaw, Locomotive, Locust, Lodger, Looking-glass, Loom, Lord's Prayer, Lottery, Louse, Love, Lovely, Lozenges, Lucky, Luggage, Lumber, Lute, Luxury, Lying, Lyre,


Macadamize, Macaroni, Machinery, Mad Dog, Madness, Madstone, Magic, Magistrate, Magnet, Magnifying-glass, Magpie, Malice, Mallet, Malt, Man, Manners, Man-of-war, Mansion, Manslaughter, Mantilla, Manufactory, Manure, Manuscript, Map, Marble, March, Mare, Marigold, Mariner, Market, Marmalade, Marmot, Marriage, Mars, Marsh, Martyr, Mask, Mason, Masquerade, Mast, Master, Mat, Match, Matting, Mattress, Mausoleum, May, May Bugs, Meadow, Meals, Measles, Meat, Mechanic, Medal, Medicine, Melancholy, Melon, Memorandum, Memorial, Menagerie, Mendicant, Mending, Mercury, Merry, Meshes, Message, Metamorphose, Mice, Microscope, Midwife, Mile-post, Milk, Milking, Mill, Mill-dam, Millet, Mine, Mineral, Mineral Water, Mining, Minister, Minuet, Minx, Mire, Mirror, Miser, Mist, Mistletoe, Mocking-bird, Models, Molasses, Moles, Money, Monk, Monkey, Monster, Moon, Morgue, Morning, Morocco, Mortgage, Morose, Mortification, Moses, Mosquito, Moss, Moth, Mother, Mother-in-law, Mountain, Mourning, Mouse, Mouse-trap, Mud, Muff, Mulberries, Mule, Murder, Muscle, Museum, Music, Musical Instruments, Mushroom, Musk, Mussels, Mustache, Mustard, Mute, Myrrh, Myrtle, Mystery,


Nails, Naked, Napkin, Navy, Nearsighted, Neck, Necklace, Necromancer, Need, Needle, Neighbor, Nephew, Nest, Nets, Nettles, News, Newspaper, Newspaper Reporter, New Year, Niece, Night, Nightmare, Nightingale, Ninepins, Nobility, Noise, Noodles, Nose, Notary, November, Numbness, Numbers, Nuns, Nuptial, Nurse, Nursing, Nuts, Nutmegs, Nymph, Oak, Oar,


Oath, Oatmeal, Oats, Obedience, Obelisk, Obituary, Obligation, Observatory, Occultist, Ocean, October, Oculist, Odd-Fellow, Odor, Offense, Offering, Office, Offspring, Oil, Oilcloth, Ointment, Old Man, or Woman, Olives, Omelet, Omnibus, One-Eyed, Onions, Opera, Opium, Opulence, Oranges, Orang-utang, Orator, Orchard, Orchestra, Organ, Organist, Ornament, Orphan, Ostrich, Otter, Ottoman, Oven, Overcoat, Over-alls, Owl, Ox, Oysters, Oyster Shells


Pacify, Packet, Page, Pagoda, Pail, Pain, Paint and Painting, Palace, Palisade, Pall, Pall-bearer, Pallet, Palmistry, Palm Tree, Palsy, Pancake, Pane of Glass, Panorama, Panther, Pantomime, Paper or parchment, Parables, Paradise, Paralysis, Parasol, Parcel, Pardon, Parents, Park, Parrot, Parsley, Parsnips, Parting, Partner, Partnership, Partridge, Party, Passenger, Passing Bell, Password, Pasteboard, Pastry, Patch, Patent, Patent Medicine, Path, Paunch, Pauper, Pawn-shop, Peaches, Peacock, Pearls, Pears, Peas, Pebbles, Pecans, Pelican, Pen, Penalties, Pencil, Penitentiary, Penny, Pension, People, Pepper, Peppermint, Perfume, Perspiration, Pest, Petticoat, Pewter, Phantom, Pheasant, Phosphorus, Photography, Physician, Piano, Pickaxe, Pickles, Pickpocket, Picnic, Pictures, Pier, Pies, Pig, Pigeon, Pilgrim, Pill, Pillow, Pimple, Pincers, Pineapple, Pine Tree, Pins, Pipe, Pirate, Pistol, Pit, Pitcher, Pitchfork, Plague, Plain, Plane, Planet, Plank, Plaster, Plate, Play, Pleasure, Plow, Plums, Pocket, Pocketbook, Poinard, Poison, Poker, Polar Bear, Pole-cat, Police, Polishing, Politician, Polka, Pomegranate, Pond, Pony, Poor, Poor-house, Pope, Poplars, Poppies, Porcelain, Porch, Porcupine, Pork, Porpoise, Porter, Portfolio, Portrait, Postage, Postman, Post-office, Pot, Potatoes, Potter, Potter's Field, Poultry, Powder, Prairie, Prayer, Preacher, Precipice, Pregnancy, Present, Priest, Primrose, Printer, Printing Office, Prison, Privacy, Prize Fight, Prize Fighter, Procession, Profanity, Profits, Promenade, Property, Prostitute, Publican, Publisher, Puddings, Puddle, Pulpit, Pulse, Pump, Punch, Pup, Purchases, Purse, Putty, Pyramid,


Quack Doctor, Quack Medicine, Quadrille, Quagmire, Quail, Quaker, Quarantine, Quarrel, Quarry, Quartette, Quay, Queen, Question, Quicksand, Quills, Quilts, Quinine, Quinsy, Quoits,


Rabbit, Raccoon, Race, Rack, Racket, Radish, Raffle, Raft, Rage, Railing, Railroad, Rain, Rainbow, Raisins, Rake, Ram, Ramble, Ramrod, Ransom, Rapids, Raspberry, Rat, Rat-trap, Rattan Cane, Rattle, Raven, Razor, Reading, Reapers, Reception, Refrigerator, Register, Reindeer, Religion, Rent, Reprieve, Reptile, Rescue, Resign, Resurrection, Resuscitate, Revelation, Revenge, Revival, Revolver, Rheumatism, Rhinestones, Rhinoceros, Rhubarb, Rib, Ribbon, Rice, Riches, Riddles, Ride, Riding School, Ring, Ringworms, Riot, Rising, Rival, River, Road, Roast, Rocket, Rocking-chair, Rocks, Rogue, Rogue's Gallery, Roman Candle, Roof, Roof Corner, Rooks, Rooster, Roots, Ropes, Rosebush, Rosemary, Roses, Rosette, Rouge, Roundabout, Rowboat, Rubber, Rubbish, Ruby, Rudder, Ruins, Rum, Running, Rupture, Rust, Rye, Rye Bread,


Saddle, Safe, Saffron, Sage, Sailing, Sailor, Salad, Salmon, Salt, Saltpeter, Salve, Samples, Sand, Sanskrit, Sapphire, Sardines, Sardonyx, Sash, Satan, Sausage, Saw, Sawdust, Scabbard, Scaffold, Scaldhead, Scalding, Scales, Scandal, Scarcity, Scarlet Fever, Sceptre, School, School Teacher, Scissors, Scorpion, Scrap-book, Scratch, Scratch Head, Screech-owl, Screw, Sculptor, Scum, Scythe, Sea, Sea Foam, Seal, Seamstress, Seaport, Seat, Secret Order, Seducer, Seed, Sentry, Serenade, Serpents, Servant, Sewing, Shakers, Shaking Hands, Shakspeare, Shampoo, Shanty, Shark, Shave, Shaving, Shawl, Shears, Sheaves, Sheep, Sheet Iron, Shells, Shelter, Shelves, Shepherd, Sheriff, Ship, Shirt, Shirt-studs, Shoemaker, Shoes, Shooting, Shop, Shot, Shotgun, Shoulder, Shovel, Shower, Shrew, Shroud, Sickness, Side, Siege, Sieve, Sigh, Silk, Silkworm, Silver, Single, Singing, Skate, Skeleton, Skull, Sky, Slander, Slaughter-house, Sleep, Sleigh, Sliding, Slighted, Slippers, Smallpox, Smoke, Snakes, Snail, Sneeze, Snouts, Snow, Snuff, Soap, Socialist, Soda Fountain, Son, Soot, Sold, Soldiers, Somnambulist, Sorcerer, Sores, Soul, Soup, Sovereign, Sowing, Spade, Sparrow, Spectacles, Spice, Spider, Spider-web, Spinning, Spirit or Specter, Spitting, Spleen, Splendor, Splinter, Sponges, Spools, Spoons, Spring, Spur, Spy, Spy-glass, Squall, Squinting, Squirrel, Stable, Stag, Stage Driver, Stain, Stairs, Stall, Stallion, Stammer, Standard-bearer, Stars, Starving, Statues, Stealing, Steeple, Steps, Step-sister, Stethoscope, Sticks, Stillborn, Stilts, Sting, Stockings, Stone, Stone Mason, Storage Battery, Store, Storm, Straw, Strawberries, Street, Street-poster, Struggling, Stumble, Stumps, Suckle, Suffocating, Sugar-tongs, Suicide, Sulphur, Sun, Sunshade, Surgeon, Surgical Instruments, Swallow, Swamp, Swan, Swearing, Sweeping, Sweetheart, Sweet Oil, Sweet Taste, Swelling, Swiss Cheese, Switch, Sword, Sybil, Symphony, Syringe,


Table, Tacks, Tadpole, Tail, Tailor, Talisman, Talking, Tallow, Tambourine, Tank, Tannery, Tape, Tapestry, Tapeworm, Tar, Tarantula, Target, Tassels, Tattoo, Taxes, Tea, Teacups, Teakettle, Tears, Teasing, Teeth, Telegram, Telephone, Telescope, Tempest, Temptation, Tenant, Tenpins, Tent, Terror, Text, Thatch, Thaw, Theater, Thermometer, Thief, Thigh, Thimble, Thirst, Thorns, Thread, Threshing, Throat, Throne, Thumb, Thunder, Tickle, Ticks, Tiger, Till, Timber, Tipsy, Toad, Tobacco, Tocsin, Toddy, Tomatoes, Tomb, Tongue, Toothless, Tooth-picks, Topaz, Tops, Torch, Tornado, Torrent, Torture, Tourist, Tower, Toys, Trade, Tragedy, Train, Traitor, Transfiguration, Trap, Traveling, Tray, Treasures, Trees, Trenches, Triangle, Tripe, Triplets, Trophy, Trousers, Trout, Trowel, Trumpet, Trunk, Truss, Trusts, Tub, Tumble, Tunnel, Turf, Turkey, Turkish Baths, Turnips, Turpentine, Turquoise, Turtle, Tweezers, Twine, Twins, Type, Typhoid, Ugly, Ulcer,


Umbrella, Uncle, Underground, Undress, Unfortunate, Uniform, United States Mail Box, Unknown, Urgent, Urinal, Urine, Urn, Usurer, Usurper,


Vaccinate, Vagrant, Valentine, Valley, Vapor Bath, Varnishing, Vase, Vat, Vatican, Vault, Vegetables, Vehicle, Veil, Vein, Velvet, Veneer, Ventriloquist, Veranda, Vermin, Vertigo, Vessels, Vexed, Vicar, Vice, Victim, Victory, Village, Vine, Vinegar, Vineyard, Violence, Violets, Violin, Viper, Virgin, Visit, Visions, Vitriol, Voice, Volcano, Vomit, Vote, Voucher, Vow, Voyage, Vultures,


Wading, Wadding, Wafer, Wager, Wages, Wagon, Wagtail, Waif, Wail, Waist and Shirt-Waist, Waiter, Wake, Walking, Walking Stick, Wallet, Walls, Walnut, Waltz, Want, War, Wardrobe, Warehouse, Warrant, Warts, Washboard, Wash-bowl, Washer Woman, Washing, Wasp, Waste, Watch, Water, Water-carrier, Waterfall, Water Lily, Waves, Wax Taper, Way, Wealth, Weasel, Weather, Weaving, Web, Wedding, Wedding Clothes, Wedding Ring, Wedge, Wedlock, Weeding, Weeping, Weevil, Weighing, Well, Welcome, Welsh Rarebits, Wet, Wet Nurse, Whale, Whalebone, Wheat, Wheels, Whetstone, Whip, Whirlpool, Whirlwind, Whisky, Whispering, Whistle, White Lead, White Moth, Whitewash, Widow, Wife, Wig, Wild, Wild Man, Will, Willow, Wind, Windmill, Window, Wine, Wine-cellar, Wine-glass, Wings, Winter, Wire, Wisdom, Witch, Witness, Wizard, Wolf, Women, Wooden Shoe, Woods, Wood-pile, Wool, Work, Work house, Workshop, Worms, Wound, Wreath, Wrecks, Writing,


Yacht, Yankee, Yard Stick, Yarn, Yawning, Yearn, Yellow Bird, Yew Tree, Yield, Yoke, Young,


Zebra, Zenith, Zephyr, Zinc