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Dreams Dictionary: Meanings of Dreams

Find out what your dreams mean. Psychologist World's dream dictionary has over a thousand entries on kinds of dream.

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Dreams Dictionary: Meanings of Dreams

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Baby, Baby Carriages, Bachelor, Back, Back-bite, Backgammon, Bacon, Badger, Bag-Pipe, Bail, Bailiff, Bake-house, Baking, Balcony, Bald, Ball, Ballet, Balloon, Banishment, Bank, Bankrupt, Banana, Banner, Banquet, Bantam, Baptism, Bar, Barber, Barefoot, Barley-field, Barmaid, Barn, Barrel, Barometer, Baseball, Basement, Basin, Basket, Baste, Bass Voice, Bath, Bathroom, Bats, Battle, Bayonet, Bay Tree, Beacon-light, Beads, Beans, Bear, Beard, Beat, Beauty, Beaver, Bedbugs, Bed Fellow, Bed-chamber, Beef, Beer, Bees, Beetles, Beets, Beggar, Beheading, Bier, Belladonna, Bell-man, Bellows, Bells, Belly, Belt, Bench, Bequest, Bereavement, Bet, Bible, Bigamy, Bicycle, Billiards, Birds, Bird's Nest, Birth, Birthday, Birthday Presents, Biscuits, Bishop, Bite, Blackberries, Blackboard, Blacksmith, Bladder, Blanket, Blasphemy, Bleating, Bleeding, Blind, Blindfold, Blind Man's Buff, Blood, Blood Stone, Blossoms, Blows, Blotting Paper, Blushing, Boarding House, Boa-Constrictor, Boasting, Boat, Bobbin, Bog, Boiler, Boils, Bolts, Bomb Shell, Bones, Bonnet, Books, Bookcase, Book Store, Boots, Borrowing, Bosom, Bottles, Bouquet, Bow and Arrow, Box, Bracelet, Brain, Brambles, Brandy, Branch, Brass, Bray, Bread, Break, Breakfast, Breath, Brewing, Briars, Brick, Bride, Bridge, Bridle, Bridle Bits, Brimstone, Bronchitis, Bronze, Brood, Broom, Broth, Brothel, Brothers, Brush, Buckle, Buffalo, Bugle, Bugs, Buildings, Bull, Bulldog, Bullock, Burden, Burr, Burglars, Burial, Buried Alive, Burns, Butcher, Butter, Butterfly, Buttons, Buttermilk, Buzzard


Cab, Cabbage, Cable, Cabin, Cackle, Cage, Cakes, Calomel, Calves, Called, Calendar, Calm, Calumny, Camera, Cameo Brooch, Camels, Camp, Campaign, Cane, Cancer, Canal, Canary Birds, Candles, Candlestick, Canker, Cannon, Cannon-Ball, Canoe, Candy, Canopy, Cap, Captive, Captain, Cars, Cardinal, Cards, Carnival, Cart, Cartridge, Carving, Carpet, Carpenter, Carriage, Carrot, Cask, Cash, Cash Box, Cashier, Castle, Castor Oil, Castoria, Cats, Catechism, Caterpillar, Cattle, Cathedral, Cauliflower, Cavalry, Cavern or Cave, Cedars, Celestial Signs, Celery, Cellar, Cemetery, Chaff, Chains, Chair, Chair Maker, Chairman, Chalk, Chalice, Challenge, Chamber, Chambermaid, Chameleon, Champion, Chandelier, Chapel, Charity, Charcoal, Chariot, Chastise, Cheated, Checks, Checkers, Cheese, Chemise, Cherries, Cherubs, Chess, Chestnuts, Chickens, Chiffonier, Chilblain, Childbed, Children, Chimes, Chimney, Chocolate, Choir, Cholera, Christ, Christmas Tree, Chrysanthemum, Church, Churchyard, Churning, Cider, Cipher, Circle, Cistern, City, City Council, City Hall, Clams, Clay, Claret, Claret Cup and Punch, Clarionet, Clairvoyance, Clergyman, Climbing, Clock, Cloister, Clothes, Clouds, Clover, Cloven Foot, Club, Coach, Coals, Coal-hod, Coat, Coat-of-Arms, Cocoa, Cocoanut, Cock-Crowing, Cockade, Cocktail, Coca-Cola, Coffin, Coffee, Coffee Mill, Coffee House, Coins, Coke, Coke Oven, Cold, Colonel, Collar, College, Colliery or Coal-Mine, Collision, Combat, Combing, Comedy, Comet, Comic Songs, Command, Commandment, Commerce, Committee, Companion, Compass, Completion, Complexion, Composing, Concert, Concubine, Confectionary, Confetti, Conjurer, Conjuring, Conflagration, Conspiracy, Conscience, Consumption, Contempt, Convent, Convicts, Convicted, Convention, Cooking, Cooking Stove, Cooling Board, Copper, Copperas, Copper Plate, Coppersmith, Copying, Coral, Cornet, Coronation, Cords, Cork, Corn, Corn and Corn-Field, Corns, Corkscrew, Corpse, Cornmeal, Corner, Corpulence, Corset, Cossack, Cot, Cotton, Cotton Cap, Cotton Cloth, Cotton Gin, Couch, Cough, Counter, Counterfeit Money, Counselor, Countenance, Counterpane, Counting, Country, Courtship, Cousin, Cows, Cowslip, Coxcomb, Cradle, Crabs, Crane, Crape, Crawfish, Crawl, Cream, Credit, Creek, Cremate, Crew, Cricket, Cries, Criminal, Crippled, Crochet Work, Crockery, Crocodile, Cross, Cross-bones, Cross Roads, Croup, Crow, Crowd, Crown, Crucifixion, Crucifix, Cruelty, Crust, Crutches, Crying, Crystal, Cuckoo, Cucumber, Cunning, Cupboard, Curbstone, Currycomb, Currying a Horse, Curtains, Cushion, Cuspidor, Custard, Custom-house, Cut, Cymbal


Pacify, Packet, Page, Pagoda, Pail, Pain, Paint and Painting, Palace, Palisade, Pall, Pall-bearer, Pallet, Palmistry, Palm Tree, Palsy, Pancake, Pane of Glass, Panorama, Panther, Pantomime, Paper or parchment, Parables, Paradise, Paralysis, Parasol, Parcel, Pardon, Parents, Park, Parrot, Parsley, Parsnips, Parting, Partner, Partnership, Partridge, Party, Passenger, Passing Bell, Password, Pasteboard, Pastry, Patch, Patent, Patent Medicine, Path, Paunch, Pauper, Pawn-shop, Peaches, Peacock, Pearls, Pears, Peas, Pebbles, Pecans, Pelican, Pen, Penalties, Pencil, Penitentiary, Penny, Pension, People, Pepper, Peppermint, Perfume, Perspiration, Pest, Petticoat, Pewter, Phantom, Pheasant, Phosphorus, Photography, Physician, Piano, Pickaxe, Pickles, Pickpocket, Picnic, Pictures, Pier, Pies, Pig, Pigeon, Pilgrim, Pill, Pillow, Pimple, Pincers, Pineapple, Pine Tree, Pins, Pipe, Pirate, Pistol, Pit, Pitcher, Pitchfork, Plague, Plain, Plane, Planet, Plank, Plaster, Plate, Play, Pleasure, Plow, Plums, Pocket, Pocketbook, Poinard, Poison, Poker, Polar Bear, Pole-cat, Police, Polishing, Politician, Polka, Pomegranate, Pond, Pony, Poor, Poor-house, Pope, Poplars, Poppies, Porcelain, Porch, Porcupine, Pork, Porpoise, Porter, Portfolio, Portrait, Postage, Postman, Post-office, Pot, Potatoes, Potter, Potter's Field, Poultry, Powder, Prairie, Prayer, Preacher, Precipice, Pregnancy, Present, Priest, Primrose, Printer, Printing Office, Prison, Privacy, Prize Fight, Prize Fighter, Procession, Profanity, Profits, Promenade, Property, Prostitute, Publican, Publisher, Puddings, Puddle, Pulpit, Pulse, Pump, Punch, Pup, Purchases, Purse, Putty, Pyramid


Saddle, Safe, Saffron, Sage, Sailing, Sailor, Salad, Salmon, Salt, Saltpeter, Salve, Samples, Sand, Sanskrit, Sapphire, Sardines, Sardonyx, Sash, Satan, Sausage, Saw, Sawdust, Scabbard, Scaffold, Scaldhead, Scalding, Scales, Scandal, Scarcity, Scarlet Fever, Sceptre, School, School Teacher, Scissors, Scorpion, Scrap-book, Scratch, Scratch Head, Screech-owl, Screw, Sculptor, Scum, Scythe, Sea, Sea Foam, Seal, Seamstress, Seaport, Seat, Secret Order, Seducer, Seed, Sentry, Serenade, Serpents, Servant, Sewing, Shakers, Shaking Hands, Shakspeare, Shampoo, Shanty, Shark, Shave, Shaving, Shawl, Shears, Sheaves, Sheep, Sheet Iron, Shells, Shelter, Shelves, Shepherd, Sheriff, Ship, Shirt, Shirt-studs, Shoemaker, Shoes, Shooting, Shop, Shot, Shotgun, Shoulder, Shovel, Shower, Shrew, Shroud, Sickness, Side, Siege, Sieve, Sigh, Silk, Silkworm, Silver, Single, Singing, Skate, Skeleton, Skull, Sky, Slander, Slaughter-house, Sleep, Sleigh, Sliding, Slighted, Slippers, Smallpox, Smoke, Snakes, Snail, Sneeze, Snouts, Snow, Snuff, Soap, Socialist, Soda Fountain, Son, Soot, Sold, Soldiers, Somnambulist, Sorcerer, Sores, Soul, Soup, Sovereign, Sowing, Spade, Sparrow, Spectacles, Spice, Spider, Spider-web, Spinning, Spirit or Specter, Spitting, Spleen, Splendor, Splinter, Sponges, Spools, Spoons, Spring, Spur, Spy, Spy-glass, Squall, Squinting, Squirrel, Stable, Stag, Stage Driver, Stain, Stairs, Stall, Stallion, Stammer, Standard-bearer, Stars, Starving, Statues, Stealing, Steeple, Steps, Step-sister, Stethoscope, Sticks, Stillborn, Stilts, Sting, Stockings, Stone, Stone Mason, Storage Battery, Store, Storm, Straw, Strawberries, Street, Street-poster, Struggling, Stumble, Stumps, Suckle, Suffocating, Sugar-tongs, Suicide, Sulphur, Sun, Sunshade, Surgeon, Surgical Instruments, Swallow, Swamp, Swan, Swearing, Sweeping, Sweetheart, Sweet Oil, Sweet Taste, Swelling, Swiss Cheese, Switch, Sword, Sybil, Symphony, Syringe
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