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Lion Dreams

Lion dream information - the meaning behind Lion dreams.

The meaning behind Lion Dreams

To dream of a lion, signifies that a great force is driving you.

If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement.

If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successful
attacks of enemies.

To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon your ability
to cope with opposition.

To see a man controlling a lion in its cage, or out denotes
success in business and great mental power. You will be favorably
regarded by women.

To see young lions, denotes new enterprises, which will bring
success if properly attended.

For a young woman to dream of young lions, denotes new and fascinating lovers.

For a woman to dream that she sees Daniel in the lions' den, signifies that by
her intellectual qualifications and personal magnetism she will win fortune
and lovers to her highest desire.

To hear the roar of a lion, signifies unexpected advancement
and preferment with women.

To see a lion's head over you, showing his teeth by snarls,
you are threatened with defeat in your upward rise to power.

To see a lion's skin, denotes a rise to fortune and happiness.

To ride one, denotes courage and persistency in surmounting difficulties.

To dream you are defending your children from a lion with a
pen-knife, foretells enemies will threaten to overpower you,
and will well nigh succeed if you allow any artfulness to persuade
you for a moment from duty and business obligations.

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Dream dictionary entry taken from 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller. Psychologist World provides these definitions as a courtesy and is not responsible for, or for any consequences resulting from the use of, Miller's archaic dream interpretations.

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