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Traveling Dreams

Traveling dream information - the meaning behind Traveling dreams.

The meaning behind Traveling Dreams


To dream of traveling, signifies profit and pleasure combined.
To dream of traveling through rough unknown places, portends
dangerous enemies, and perhaps sickness. Over bare or rocky steeps,
signifies apparent gain, but loss and disappointment will swiftly follow.
If the hills or mountains are fertile and green, you will be eminently
prosperous and happy.

To dream you travel alone in a car, denotes you may possibly
make an eventful journey, and affairs will be worrying.
To travel in a crowded car, foretells fortunate adventures,
and new and entertaining companions.

[229] See Journey.

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Dream dictionary entry taken from 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller. Psychologist World provides these definitions as a courtesy and is not responsible for, or for any consequences resulting from the use of, Miller's archaic dream interpretations.

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