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About Us

Psychologist World is an evolving website which brings readers easy-to-understand explanations of psychology theories, with engaging psychology articles, interactive features, tests and guides.


Since we started in 2008, Psychologist World has expanded to cover a wide range of psychology-related topics, seeking answers to questions such as: Why do we behave the way they do?, How can I better understand my dreams? and How can psychology theories help to explain the way I think?

We are UK-based have been online since January, 2008. Our predecessor, Hypnotic World, focusses on hypnosis and has served thousands of customers and providing training in hypnotherapy as well as a range of hypnosis-related products.

Psychologist World aims to build on the success and experience of Hypnotic World, providing a world-class customer service and original, engaging content.

Key Figures

Adam Waude - (Editor of Psychologist World) co-founder of Hypnotic World and Psychologist World.

Faith Waude - co-founder of Hypnotic World and trainer and practitioner of hypnotherapy.

Contributing to Psychologist World

If you feel that you have a contribution to make to Psychologist World, we would like to hear your proposal. You can submit an article proposal here.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe our content is among the best available, both online or offline. For this reason, we offer a full, no questions asked, 30-day guarantee on all of our services.

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If you have questions or comments regarding Psychologist World, we would like to hear them.

You can contact us via email, telephone or by post. Visit the Contact Us page for further details.

Protecting Your Privacy

We understand how frustrating it is for companies to give our email addresses away only for us to receive unwanted mail. At Psychologist World, we respect our users' privacy. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

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