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Anger Test Results

Findings from the Anger Test:

The Test: Users are asked to answer a series of anger level-measuring questions to evaluate their anger levels:


The charts below contain information from a sample of recent tests:

Average Anger Levels by Gender

Do you get more or less angry due to your gender?

Not given

Average Anger Levels by Age Group

Do we mellow as we grow older?

%/age group
18 to <25
25 to < 35
35 to < 45
45 to < 55
55 to < 65
Not given

As more users take the test, the more data is available and the more accurate the above test charts will be. You may want to bookmark this page to watch the results progress.


How does your anger level compare? Take the Anger Test


Test questions provided by:

Devilly, G.J. (2004). Assessment Devices. Retrieved March 24, 2004, from Swinburne University, Clinical & Forensic Psychology Web site:

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