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Maximizer vs Satisficer Quiz

Discover your approach to decision-making with the maximizer vs satisficer quiz.

Maximizer vs Satisficer Quiz
 Do you push yourself to make the best possible choice, like a maximizer, or are you a satisficer?

What approach do you take when tasked to make a decision? Do you bide for time to make the best possible choice, or do you tend to have a clear idea in mind of your needs and make a brisk decision based on those needs? As we explored in Maximizers vs Satisficers: Who Makes Better Decisions?, your decision-making style when faced with a problem will likely fit into one of two categories: maximizer or satisficer. But which is your approach? Test your decision-making approach - answer the quiz questions below:

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
Question 1/10


I am happy with the life that I have.


I find it easier to learn from my mistakes and let go of them, rather than dwell upon them.


I set high standards and expect to live up to them.


I would rather eat at a restaurant with a good but limited menu, than one with a wider range of dishes to choose from.


At times, I feel disappointed or disillusioned as a result of a choice, when the outcome is not as rewarding as I had hoped.


When shopping, I like to browse a wide range of products to compare them against one another.


I set my expectations low so that I am not disappointed.


I sometimes regret the decisions that I have made and wish that I could turn back time and choose another option.


We can't make the right decisions all of the time.


I would rather delay a decision than make the wrong choice.

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