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Introduction to Graphology

Introduction to the study of graphology.

Introduction to Graphology

Signatures & Analysis

Does it matter if the person is left or right-handed?

This is an issue open to debate - some people believe that the mind wills the handwriting's final result regardless of whether a writer is left or right-handed. It is important to keep in mind, though, that various factors might influence a person's handwriting, particularly the way in which they have been brought up to write. For example, some left-handed people hold the pen in a peculiar way, so this may influence writing.

Additionally, different schools use different techniques to teach handwriting. For example, the proportion of letters might vary as might margins, depending on the style a teacher has used. As we grow up, post-school, though, we do tend to adjust our handwriting to create a more unique style that tells of our personality and feelings regardless of the method with which we were taught to write.

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