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Conscientiousness Test

Conscientiousness Test

Test your Conscientiousness

Answer the questions below:
  1. Mess things up.

  2. Pay attention to details.

  3. Follow through with my plans.

  4. Make plans and stick to them.

  5. Shirk my duties.

  6. Do just enough work to get by.

  7. Am exacting in my work.

  8. Get chores done right away.

  9. Leave things unfinished.

  10. Finish what I start.

  11. Don't put my mind on the task at hand.

  12. Don't see things through.

  13. Find it difficult to get down to work.

  14. Am always prepared.

  15. Waste my time.

  16. Carry out my plans.

  17. Make a mess of things.

  18. Do things according to a plan.

  19. Need a push to get started.

  20. Complete tasks successfully.

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