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What margins say

What our handwriting margins say about our personalities.

Perhaps margins aren't the first thing you'd guess a graphologist to look at. But the layout of writing on a page, as well as the style it is written, can tell us a lot about a writer's personality.

There are two key features to look at when analysing margins. Firstly, the size of margins on each side of the page - the proportions of margins on each side can tell us something different about the person's outlook on life and their sociability. The second is the shape of the margins, for example, whether the left margin gradually widens down the page.


Research has previously indicated that you can tell what a person is thinking from the direction in which they are looking. A right-handed person is said to look to their left when thinking of the past, and the right when looking into the future or unknown. The significance of left and right are applied similarly to margins...

Left margin

Left Margin

The left margin tells us about people's perception of the past, and the part their previous experiences play in their behavior today. If the left margin is exceptionally narrow, this is an indication that the person bases their actions and views on their previous experience, and may be unwilling to behave uncharacteristically. They will tend to be reserved in their attitudes and in decision making.

Conversely, a wide left margin tells us that the person is keen to move on and embrace the future more readily, open to new experiences and ready to take risks.


Right marginRight Margin

Similarly to the left, the right indicates the writer's attitude to the future. A narrow right margin shows a person's willingness to embrace the future and new ideas. They will tend to be more open and possibly progressive in their attitudes, adjusting easily to new situations, and keen to socialize with other people.

If the margin on the right of the page is wide, it shows a person's caution towards the future, perhaps prefering the stability of the status quo, and the traditions that they have adjusted to.


Top MarginTop margin

The top margin indicates a person's generosity. The lower down the page that the writing starts, the more willing to spend and live life lavishly the person is. A small margin indicates that the person sees limited commodities as precious and is more reserved in their spending.

Bottom MarginBottom margin

The bottom margin tells us about someone's judgement, and their ability plan for the future. A large margin indicates that the writer is able to plan and decide accurately on matters for the future, whereas a small margin tells us that the person prefers to life 'for the moment' without planning their lives too much, and is spontaneous in decision making.

Balance of margins

The balance of margins' proportions indicates a person's stability in life. Similar, average margins show harmony in most areas of life, and that a person is comfortable with themselves. If one margin is accentuated, there might be a problem in that area. An exceptionally wide left margin might show a person to have previous troubles, and a narrow right margin might indicate a person's keeness to move on from the present, perhaps seeking a better future in life than they are experiencing at the moment.

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