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Are You An Extravert? Test

How extraverted are you? Find out with this online test.

Are You An Extravert? Test

Test your Extraversion

Answer the questions below:
  1. Avoid contacts with others.

  2. Make friends easily.

  3. Cheer people up.

  4. Know how to captivate people.

  5. Don't talk a lot.

  6. Would describe my experiences as somewhat dull.

  7. Talk to a lot of different people at parties.

  8. Am skilled in handling social situations.

  9. Am hard to get to know.

  10. Don't mind being the center of attention.

  11. Retreat from others.

  12. Don't like to draw attention to myself.

  13. Keep in the background.

  14. Feel comfortable around people.

  15. Have little to say.

  16. Am the life of the party.

  17. Find it difficult to approach others.

  18. Warm up quickly to others.

  19. Keep others at a distance.

  20. Start conversations.

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