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Openness to Experience Test

Openness to Experience Test

Test your Openness to Experience

1.  Do not like poetry.

2.  Have a vivid imagination.

3.  Have a rich vocabulary.

4.  Enjoy hearing new ideas.

5.  Tend to vote for conservative political candidates.

6.  Avoid philosophical discussions.

7.  Enjoy wild flights of fantasy.

8.  Tend to vote for liberal political candidates.

9.  Rarely look for a deeper meaning in things.

10.  Get excited by new ideas.

11.  Believe that too much tax money goes to support artists.

12.  Do not enjoy going to art museums.

13.  Do not like art.

14.  Believe in the importance of art.

15.  Am not interested in abstract ideas.

16.  Carry the conversation to a higher level.

17.  Am not interested in theoretical discussions.

18.  Can say things beautifully.

19.  Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.

20.  Enjoy thinking about things.


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