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How Agreeable Are You?

How agreeable are you? Take the online test.

How Agreeable Are You?

Test your Agreeableness

Answer the questions below:
  1. Believe that I am better than others.

  2. Believe that others have good intentions.

  3. Treat all people equally.

  4. Make people feel at ease.

  5. Insult people.

  6. Suspect hidden motives in others.

  7. Sympathize with others' feelings.

  8. Respect others.

  9. Contradict others.

  10. Am easy to satisfy.

  11. Make demands on others.

  12. Get back at others.

  13. Cut others to pieces.

  14. Have a good word for everyone.

  15. Have a sharp tongue.

  16. Accept people as they are.

  17. Hold a grudge.

  18. Trust what people say.

  19. Am out for my own personal gain.

  20. Am concerned about others.

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