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Studies listed by psychologist.

Author Approach Topic    
Freud & Dann Behavioral Separation War children 1951
Freud Psychodynamic Child Development Stages of Psychosexual Development  
Skinner Behavioral Conditioning    
Karmin (1969) Behavioral     1969
Pavlov Behavioral Conditioning Pavlov's Dogs  
Zimbardo Behavioral Conformity Stanford Prison Experiment 1971
J.B. Watson Behavioral Approaches    
Murdock Cognitive Memory    
Baddeley & Hitch Cognitive Memory Working Memory Model 1974
Baddeley Cognitive Memory    
Peterson & Peterson Cognitive Memory    
Atkinson & Schiffrin Cognitive Memory Multi-Store Model 1969
Miller Cognitive Memory Miller's Magic Number 1956
Bowlby Behavioral Child Development Maternal Deprivation Theory  
Thorndike Behavioral Conditioning    
Barlow & Durand Behavioral Aversion Therapy   1995
Weissman Cognitive Personality Disorders Personality Disorders  
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