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Graphology - The art of interpreting handwriting - Psychologist World


The art of interpreting handwriting

The message of a letter you read might be important, but aren't the real feelings of the writer of the message what are really important? Knowingly or unwittingly, we give away a surprising amount about our feelings, ideas, views and outlook on life through our handwriting. Interpreting the features of people's handwriting is what graphology is all about, and it's a useful skill for anybody dealing with letters and notes that peers or co-workers have written as well as offering a fascinating insight into our own emotions and personalities.


In this section we aim to look at a whole variety of handwriting features and give interpretations as to the writers' personalities, helping you apply this as you want in everyday life.


Complete guide to reading handwriting

1. Getting Started: What to look for

2. Margins

3. Line Spacing

4. Pressure

5. Word Spacing

6. Size of Writing

7. Letter spacing

8. Zones

9. Slant


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