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Psychology Studies & Experiments (listed by psychologist)


Behavioral Psychology

Altruism in Animals and Humans

Aversion Therapy

Erikson's Stages of Human Development


Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs


Brain Explorer

Biological Approach





Frontal Lobe 









Cognitive Approach


Color Perception

Meaning of Colors


Body Language and How to Read it Guide

Introduction to the Body Language Course

Animals: Body Language Course

Communication: Body Language Course

Control: Body Language Course

First Impressions: Body Language Course

Further Reading: Body Language Course

Hidden Messages: Body Language Course

Keep them interested (1): Body Language Course

Keep them interested (2): Body Language Course

Keep them interested (3): Body Language Course

Kinesis: Body Language Course

Lying: Body Language Course

Posture: Body Language Course

Body Language Course

Handshake: Body Language Course

Smile: Body Language Course

Speak: Body Language Course

Speaking: Body Language Course

Walking: Body Language Course

Watching Body Language: Body Language Course

Effective Communication

Historical Pseudo-science: Face reading

Reading Eyes - Historical Pseudo-science

Reading Foreheads- Historical Pseudo-science

Reading Mouthes - Historical Pseudo-science

Face Shapes - Historical Pseudo-science


Flirting and Body Language


Introduction to Body Language

Non-Verbal Communication

Self Image...

Self Image Body Language

Self Image Formation

Aspects of our Self Image

Telling the truth from Body Language


How to Interpret Your Dreams Guide

Dreams Dictionary

Dreams and Sleep

Why do we dream?
Introduction to dream interpretation

Sigmund Freud on Dreams
Carl Jung on Dreams
Edgar Cayce on Dreams

Types of Dreams

Why We Dream

Did We Always Dream?

Why Remember Your Dreams?

How to Remember Your Dreams

Interpreting Your Dreams


Disturbing Dreams

Most Common Dream Images

Teeth Falling Out in Dreams

Flying Dreams Meaning

Being Caught In A Tornado

Being Naked Dream Meaning

Being Chased Dreams

Falling Dreams

Taking an Exam or Test in a Dream

Dream Symbols

Animals in Dreams

People Dream Meanings

Babies/Pregnancy Dream Meanings

Sex Dream Meanings

Snake Dream Meanings

Fire Dream Meanings

Train Dream Meanings

Driving Dream Meanings

Ex-Partner Dream Meanings

Cheating Dream Meanings

School Dream Meanings

House Dream Meanings

Color Dream Meanings

Death Dream Meanings

Love/Lust Dream Meanings

Alien Dream Meanings

Angel Dream Meanings

Children Dream Meanings

Dead People Dream Meanings

Accident Dream Meanings
Dream Interpretation Conclusion



Emotion Guide

Love and Emotion

Types of Love

Anxiety Emotion

Envy Emotion

Guilt Emotion

Hate Emotion

Jealousy Emotion

Love Emotion

Narcissism Emotion

Pride Emotion

Self Pity Emotion

Vanity Emotion




Anxiety Treatments Drugs

Psychotherapy for Anxiety

Collyer Brothers

What Causes Depression

What is Depression?

Introduction to Depression

Depression Drugs

Depression Psychotherapy

Generalized Anxiety Disorder


OCD Case History

Criteria for OCD

What is OCD?

Overcoming Phobias - Self Help Guide


Post traumatic stress disorder


Causes of Schizophrenia

Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

Historical Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia Issues

Social Phobias

Specific Phobias


Behavioral Approach

Biological Approach


Truth Drugs



Anger Test

Exam Tips

Fight or Flight Response


Stress Management

Stress Test

What is Stress?



Memory - Theories & Improvement

Memory and Chewing Gum

Memory and Association

Conditioning Introduction

Craik & Lockhart (1972) Rehersal

Craik & Tulving (1975) Levels of Processing

What affects Classical Conditioning?

Flashbulb Memory

Memory and Food



Luria Method

Miller's Magic Number

Mnemonics - Memory Improvement

Pegword Method - Memory Improvement

Multistore - Memory

Retentive Method - Memory Improvement

Memory Test

Working Memory Model

Full Psychologist Study Index...


Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping Disorders

Stages of Sleep

Personality Type Test

Openness to Experience Personality Test

Browse all Personality & Psychology Tests...


Introduction to Graphology

What margins say

What writing size says


Asch: Social Influence, Conforming in Groups

Authoritarian Personality



Famous Left Handers


Personality and Influence


Five Factors Test

Social Influence

Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment

Subliminal Advertising

Sigmund Freud

Evaluation of Freud

Free Association

Personality Type Test

Introduction to Freud


Neo-Freudian Psychologists

Psychosexual theory


AS Psychology Revision


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